and a happy peeps day to all

Peter and I are heading to the Bay Area on Friday so he can go to the Pacific Sail Expo. I’m planning to visit Megan, who is recovering from her mastectomy (and which has caused her to have an eggplant boob). The healing is not going as quickly as she would like. She feels completely chopped up. Please send healing vibes her way! Oh, so anyway, today I made her a little necklace.
megan necklace.JPG
She is a hairdresser, so that’s why I chose the comb and blowdryer charms.
Well, Monday, April 12, is insane brother’s birthday. He turns FORTY. That would be 40. I don’t think there’s going to be a party or a cake, and my present is arriving late, so it all seems rather anticlimactic, doesn’t it? If you have a chance, please go wish him a happy 40th birthday!

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2 Responses to and a happy peeps day to all

  1. greta says:

    best wishes and HUGS to megan..and of course Happy Birthday to the brother!

  2. Nathania says:

    We in the Bay Area will be happy to have you around. Will you have any time to peruse the LYSs? I popped over to wish your brother a happy birthday. Wonder what he will think of all these strangers his sister sent over?

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