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redemption cookies

We apologize for the recent technical difficulties. I know they can be annoying. After the pound cake fiasco last week, I decided I should get back on the baking horse and attempt to redeem myself. I decided to try out … Continue reading

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peepalicious lips

I usually don’t post during the day, but I was just TOO EGG-cited not to. Look at what those people at Lipmedic have in stock! It’s Peeps lip balm in four different flavors! You can find them here. I have … Continue reading

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happy peep-er

My brother was doing something to my blog, or something weird happened with his computer, so that’s why things were wonky around here. His computer also ate the last post about the dead pound cake. Oh well. The dead pound … Continue reading

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Resurrected entry.

There’s not much going on here at Chez Eggplant, so I’m afraid I have no exciting news or discoveries to share. Today I tried to make a pound cake, but I had some problems. I followed the recipe exactly (it … Continue reading

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