they’re coming to take me away

seersuckerI made another dress from the Machiko Kayaki book! I suspected the dress would be super billowy, and I was right. When I first put it on, it looked like I was an escapee from a medical facility. I chopped off several inches from both sides, and that seemed to help a bit.

I used seersucker I ordered online from, I can’t remember, maybe Denver Fabrics? Or I specifically looked for 100% seersucker because I thought that might be a bit more cool/breathable than a cotton-poly blend. When the fabric arrived, I saw that it had a thin silver thread running down each stripe that was not visible in the online photo. I was not deterred, but people, I swear that nearly invisible thread is scratchy! I washed the dress and wore it, and it felt all prickly against my neck and shoulders. I do tend to be kind of sensitive to stuff touching my skin (if one hair falls down my shirt I can feel it, and I have to search and remove the hair), but I am not sure what the deal is with the seersucker.

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2 Responses to they’re coming to take me away

  1. Jan says:

    It’s adorable on you, but I, too, suffer from high sensitivity to random foreign threads/hairs so I get it. (It’s always a plus if a considered top has a printed label vs. a sewn in one.)
    Now I’ll have that awful old tune in my head all day. 😉

  2. Susan says:

    If one hair falls into my shirt, I usually think it’s a bug crawling on me and I go a little crazy till I pull it out and then I feel silly.

  3. It does look like it is from a medical facility but if it was more blue or green then it would definitely look like from hospital!

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