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your one-stop shopping center

There are quite a few really great fabric shops here in Portland, but there’s only one where I can also load up on seasonal candies and Dutch foods: Peter claims Fabric Depot is “the weirdest store I have ever been … Continue reading

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happy thursday

Mason-Dixon Knitting blew into town, and we are left in their wake. They had a gig at Abundant Yarn that had quite the turnout (or so I hear. I was unable to make it). I was very lucky to be … Continue reading

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crafty others

I guess I’m just going to have to blog about crafty things other people are doing, since I am not doing anything productive myself! I’m hoping this changes soon, but you know how it goes! I got a super amazing … Continue reading

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Bake on

I just wrote a review for Candy Addict on a recipe for Leftover Easter Candy Cake, but it’s just so tasty that I decided to discuss it here as well. I know, it doesn’t look that pretty, but trust me, … Continue reading

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no need to knead!

Okay, so I am definitely the last person in the universe to try the no-knead bread, but I thought you had to have a Dutch oven to properly make it! Last week, though, an article in our local newspaper indicated … Continue reading

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at least other people are productive

Well, I haven’t done anything crafty for quite some time, but thank goodness I have friends who are still productive! Action Hero Melissa whipped up a great Built by Wendy coat with some superbuzzy fabric. I made her put it … Continue reading

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cakes and more

We’re gearing up for a big superbuzzy update (there will probably be some stuff up on Friday), but I am still without my main computer. The good thing, though, is that my brother is “fixing” it for me. When we … Continue reading

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planetary juju

San Francisco was fun (man, the weather was incredible), and I have more photos of cakes to share with you, but it’s been one of those weeks already–yesterday was spent in the emergency room all day with Peter (he had … Continue reading

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skippin’ town

Clearly I need a better system! It just happened that UPS and USPS converged on me today, and I hadn’t caught up with some other boxes, either. Sigh. Anyway, all these boxes mean we’re going to have a pretty fun … Continue reading

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mini pudding

I was at the giant Asian supermarket today buying candy, and I found some matcha pudding cups. It was a foil bag, so I couldn’t see the individual pudding cups. I figured the package probably contained two or three cups. … Continue reading

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