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just kittin’ around

Kelly and I saw all sorts of crafty kits in Japan, so of course we couldn’t resist picking up a few for ourselves (all in the name of research, right?). Neither of us could put down these cute little house … Continue reading

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my widdle angels

So a couple months ago, that Amy casually mentioned something about some little cupid dolls from KidRobot. It must have gotten filed away in my brain, because I noticed boxes of them in Japan and picked up a few. They … Continue reading

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loony for macaroonies

I know, the title doesn’t make any sense, but, well, what can I say. It’s hard to believe Kelly and I were just in Japan, because it already feels like it was ages ago! Both Kelly and I love pastries … Continue reading

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desperately seeking elf

I have been packaging up superbuzzy orders as quickly as I can, but unfortunately I haven’t been very quick! Perhaps I should hire an elf. The Thanksgiving festivities got in the way a bit, but I did manage to go … Continue reading

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it’s all about pumpkin!

I always associate Thanksgiving with pumpkin, because of course who doesn’t have pumpkin pie? Actually, this year we’re not having pumpkin pie, so what does that make me? A deviant, I suppose. Anyway, I made cream cheese pie today, and … Continue reading

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with apologies to the person in canada who doesn’t like it when I talk about superbuzzy

And also apologies to Kelly, who doesn’t like to have her photo taken, but I like taking photos with people in them, and since she was my primary companion on the trip to Japan, she got to be the featured … Continue reading

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more people, places, and things in Japan

How about some random food photos? I have a great photo of Kelly taking a big honkin’ bite out of a spicy burger from Mos Burger, but somehow I don’t think she’d want me to post it. Kelly took way … Continue reading

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textile central

Kelly and I were both looking forward to checking out Nippori Textile Town in Tokyo. We were hoping to find some treasures to bring back for superbuzzy, and I think we scored! There are scads of fabric shops lining the … Continue reading

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we are family

I got to Japan a day earlier than Kelly so that I could spend some time with family members. It was a pleasant coincidence that my mother, aunt, and cousin would all be in Tokyo at the same time (my … Continue reading

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more japan photos

Kelly and I had only one night in Osaka, so we thought it’d be fun (and cheap) to stay in a capsule hotel. We stayed in the Asahiplaza Shinsaibashi Capsule Hotel. It was pretty interesting. First, we had to take … Continue reading

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