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manual laboring

See all that gravel? I shoveled scoop after scoop of it today. I hadn’t really planned on helping with this job today, but I kind of felt I should after calling Peter a wimp (he wanted to rent some sort … Continue reading

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the machiko kayaki fan club

I went to Kinokuniya again last week and picked up yet another Machiko Kayaki sewing book. This one is called Sewing Lesson, and the ISBN is 4579110935. The book has a little bit of everything, including dresses, skirts, and blouses. … Continue reading

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all in for dish soap aprons!

I’ve had a few people ask me for the dish soap apron pattern. Your wish is my command, so if you desire you can download the PDF pattern here. You’ll notice that since I am too, uh, challenged to figure … Continue reading

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swelter skirt

It’s been really toasty here in Portland; so toasty, in fact, that today I wore a sleeveless top. It’s supposed to be about 20 degrees cooler tomorrow, so all should be well. The town in California we moved from is … Continue reading

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rockin’ swap

Gimme Your Stuff, an international swap/exchange deal, sounded like a great idea that sounded even greater once I found Anjali‘s cute and crafty blog. Based in Japan, Anjali offered up for swap all manner of things that make my heart … Continue reading

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meet henry

I got a belated Christmas (no, that’s not a typo) gift from Amy of Amyville. Here’s Henry! Cute, isn’t he? I had to put him up on top of my file cabinet so Deedle couldn’t get at him and eat … Continue reading

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I think I need a new photographer

I made yet another skirt! It’s from yet another Japanese sewing book! The skirt’s a bit of a rump enhancer, and it makes me feel a little puffy and poofy, but it’s fun to wear, and it’s comfy, and those … Continue reading

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strawberry road

Well, we are back from our short trip, and we are tired. We also had one of those brain-sucking experiences at IKEA. We went up there to get a bathroom vanity with sink, and it turned into a HUGE production. … Continue reading

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and it’s back to the dish soap aprons

I sewed up some new dish soap aprons last night: I decided that I don’t really enjoy sewing up these little aprons, because I’m not so good at tiny stuff. However, I do like aproned dish soap better than nekkid … Continue reading

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I need green shoes

I realized the other day that I have several pieces of green fabric designated for clothing. I think I need some green shoes to go with them, don’t you? Here’s the first completed piece of green apparel: Yup, it’s another … Continue reading

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