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frango frenzy

My personal benefactor in Chicago sent me some limited edition peanut butter fudge Frangos. I guess I picked the wrong day to skip my morning run.

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super swap

Anna and I decided to do a little candy and fabric swap. Anna, a Londoner, was itching for some number fabric and some Butterfingers, and I have always pined for some Liberty fabric, and, well, you know me and candy … Continue reading

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I don’t know what it is, but lately I have been drawn to numbers. I have the number fabric that I used for my lumbar pillow, and now I have some number fabric that my mother brought back from her … Continue reading

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sewing soothes the savage turkey

I braved the sub-freezing temperature in my sewing room and did a little stitching the other day. I had purchased a desk chair at IKEA, but it’s not a cushy chair, and there was nowhere to attach my lumbar cushion. … Continue reading

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gobble gobble

Look what came in the mail today: My very own Rosa Pomar doll! My life is now complete.

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to knit or not to knit

Now that we have moved north, Peter is lobbying hard for a handknit sweater. In California, it never got quite cold enough for him to wear sweaters on a daily basis. I have only knit one sweater for him, and … Continue reading

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welcome to my sock inferno

Once upon a time, I really enjoyed knitting socks. I used to crank them out–all kinds of kooky colors and patterns, fun fur trim before people even thought about novelty yarns. Now, though, I totally suck at knitting socks! I … Continue reading

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Blogging by Mail 3

Cathy of My Little Kitchen was the gracious hostess of the latest round of Blogging by Mail. It’s a food swap of sorts, and this time it had a bit of a holiday theme. I received my package yesterday from … Continue reading

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It was a fairly productive weekend. I finally set up my sewing room. It’s not perfect, but it is functional! I also did some baking. I know artificial food coloring is supposed to be bad for you, but I’ve been … Continue reading

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alotta chocolatta

I am well aware that Targ*t is an evil corporation, and I know Megan is going to beat me for going there, but what’s a weak-willed gal to do when said corporation decides to introduce a mega line of chocolates? … Continue reading

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