It was a fairly productive weekend. I finally set up my sewing room. It’s not perfect, but it is functional! I also did some baking. I know artificial food coloring is supposed to be bad for you, but I’ve been dying to make some red velvet cupcakes for a long time:

red velvet cupcakes.JPG
I think I used this recipe, but I got it from a different site that I can no longer find. It’s supposed to be the recipe from the Buttercup Bakery. I used cream cheese frosting instead of the red velvet icing.
Oh, and if you tried to leave a comment but were informed that your comment included “questionable content,” I apologize. I think I broke my blacklist last week. Anyway, my brother has fixed it, so comment away, if you wish!

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12 Responses to cupcakes

  1. Aimee Roo says:

    They look really yummy. And that tray is too cute.

  2. purplecupcake says:

    I’ve been reading your past blogs and I want to say thank you for such interesting food/recipes. I’m half Japanese living in Guam and share a craving with you…CHOCOLATE! Not that I need anymore to add to my thighs! I’m new to the food blog thing and would love to participate in your next BBM if you have one. Thanks. I’ve also come across other great blogs re: food and hopefully mine will be as great as yours. I love that purple Hostess cupcake you posted earlier and snagged it (if you don’t mind) as an example on my blog.

  3. Amanda says:

    I’ve been dying to make red velvet cupcakes too. I have a recipe that my family goes crazy over for red velvet cake and it will be even more fun as cupcakes. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Wanda says:

    Those look yummy. I think I will have to try it! And yay for the commenting working again.

  5. brit says:

    I’m so jealous. It feels so good to have ones’ sewing room set up..and I want the cupcakes too.

  6. Stephanie says:

    cream cheese frosting! hooray 😀
    so…what have you done with all that Choxie?

  7. carolyn says:

    they just aren’t the same to me with white icing. and dude – are those sprinkles? now that’s just WRONG!

  8. santos. says:

    dang, i’m allergic to red velvet cake, and those look so cute.
    ps–we have the same tray 🙂

  9. debbie says:

    the cupcakes look delicious! i have a recipe too that i’m wanting to try. i did try to comment on the choxies a couple days ago – when i got the message of “questionable” content, i kept thinking my comment might have had a “double meaning” of a “questionable” nature….anyway, we don’t have a target’s in hawaii, so guess i’ll have to have the daughter (in utah) try some for me….

  10. rachel says:

    Yum. Red Velvet is a personal favorite!

  11. stace says:

    I just finished eating dinner and those cupcakes look yummy! I like your pink polka dot backdrop. It makes them look extra yummy!

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