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bring me your sweets

We live in a rinky dink, hick town. In the past couple of years, however, there has been an influx of French people, and they have been bringing their culture and, very happy about this, their FOOD. In case you … Continue reading

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time to stripe

I have completed 74 rows on the Becky Wannabe Sweater (to see a photo, go to the Blue Blog), so now it’s time to start the striped section: Dede had an emergency today. She got 5 foxtails up her little … Continue reading

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Ay, there’s the rub

I made a dry rub for some chunks of pork today, but I don’t think I completely grasp the concept of the dry rub. It worked, and the meat cooked, but AIYAA, MAMA, SO HOT & SPICY. Yup. Burned our … Continue reading

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plane ticket conspiracy

I’ve been looking online for plane tickets to Portland, and last week they were really cheap, $142 to be exact. Well, I waited, and yesterday when I checked, they all went up to $242 or more! What gives? So aggravating! … Continue reading

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drumroll, please

Voila! ChicKami is finished! I washed it, and I really like the way it turned out. I wore it today, and it was very comfy indeed. And another drumroll for our new Heywood Wakefield china closet! This is why we … Continue reading

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House, Painted

BEFORE: AFTER (that’s a match of Benjamin Moore “Alexandria Beige,” an historical–or hysterical–color): Stay tuned for photos of the completed ChicKami! I tried it on pre-wash, and it fit with a little room for shrinkage, so we’ll see how much … Continue reading

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Just the straps, ma’am

Just have to knit up the straps and ChicKami will be complete: If I get it finished tonight, maybe I’ll wash it tomorrow and see what happens! It’s been one of those days. Peter was all set to paint the … Continue reading

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I, Shrinkwrapped

Peter is planning to spray the first coat onto the house tomorrow, so today he and Jon (Hedi’s hubby) masked and covered all the windows with plastic. I feel like I am in my own little biosphere right now! Today … Continue reading

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shark attack

This morning a woman was attacked and killed by a shark (it’s not confirmed yet that it was a shark, but it is pretty likely) at Avila. THAT IS WHERE PETER HAS HIS BOAT. How creepy is that? Plus, Peter … Continue reading

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Jackie Chan for governor

It is an embarrassing time to be a Californian, and it will be even more embarrassing if Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes governor. People are so enamored of movie stars, though, that it is looking pretty likely that Arnie will win. Oh … Continue reading

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