drumroll, please

Voila! ChicKami is finished!
chickami complete.jpg
I washed it, and I really like the way it turned out. I wore it today, and it was very comfy indeed.
And another drumroll for our new Heywood Wakefield china closet!
This is why we drove up to San Francisco on Sunday. We found the china closet on Craig’s List. We’ve been looking for something to hold our Fire King collection for years but could never find anything we a) liked or b) could afford. We’ve been coveting Heywood Wakefield for years now, so we’re very excited about this piece.
And now for some bad news. I was going to dogsit for Hedi this week. Her pug Oji is very sweet and cute, but he and Dede don’t seem to like one another. I was hopeful they’d work things out, but I don’t think they will. Today we did a trial run, and they tried to kill each other (under the Heywood Wakefield dining table). Oji’s eye was bleeding, and Dede had some scrapes and rugburn-like injuries. Crazy canines! Here’s a photo of Dede trying to cool off in the truck on a very hot San Francisco day (she CHOSE to jump back into the truck while Peter was loading the china closet into the bed).
hot dog in truck.jpg

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7 Responses to drumroll, please

  1. Taya Kolstad says:

    I love the cabinet! I am sooo jealous of you having all of your Fire King out… Sorry about Oji and Dede. Dog fights are very scary – good thing we never introduced Pokey, Abby and Dede.

  2. Hedi says:

    Great looking ChicKami! How do you manage to look skinnier on photo than in person? I thought the camera is suppose to add 10 lbs!! Yeah, it’s too bad about Dede and Oji, but fortunately, their scratches are very minor and neither dog seems to show any signs that they just had a terrible dog fight. I didn’t realize that you owned that many Fire King pieces. No wonder ye olde kitchen cabinets were groaning!!

  3. I find that some animals just refuse to get along. I have a couple of cats like that. What’s unusual about it is that they are a male and a female. I don’t know why but they hate each other’s guts. The male is the aggressive one. Sometimes, he goes looking for the female so he can pick a fight.

  4. alison says:

    The ChicKami looks awesome! Really a great fit. Excellent work, Mariko. (Now, where’s that Becky sweater? ;))

  5. Great Fire King collection! I collect 1930’s Metlox Pottery and was finally able to display it about three years ago when I got my china cabinet back from my sister after 15 years!

  6. Melissa says:

    Love your ChickAmi. I want to make one with the wider straps.

  7. wow!! what a beautiful display case for your Fire King collection. I began collecting a few years ago and was interrupted when i got laid off from the really good-paying job.
    now i look at my Fire King collecting books and dream.
    : )

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