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Though today was a sad, sad day because it was Bob Edwards’ last day as the host of NPR‘s Morning Edition, it was a happy day for candy! In the upper left corner is Hershey’s Nuggets–extra creamy milk chocolate with … Continue reading

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sausage on wheels

I live in a small, laughably un-diverse community, but every six weeks, I get a dose of German culture when the German food truck guy comes rolling into town. Yes, this guy drives down from the Bay Area with his … Continue reading

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body blockin’

I am about to journey into sleeve hell now that I have completed the front and back of Split Personality. Here she is a’blockin’: I’m not the most detailed blocker. I just kind of measured, pinned the pieces to a … Continue reading

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Nancy has written up the pattern for her grandmother’s crazy slippers to share with all you knitting fiends out there, so everyone get on board the slipper train! (I’m thinking a pair in cotton might be just the ticket for … Continue reading

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this and that

Woohoo! It’s the beginning of a Crazy Slipper Revolution, people! Join up! Nancy has promised to write down a pattern one of these days, so when she does, I’ll post it here. In the meantime, Elisabeth has kindly shared her … Continue reading

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crazy knittin’ fun

I started this morning off by winning some GGH Goa in hot pink on ebay! Woohoo! Very excited, since I have been wanting to knit with GGH for some time now. After that, I went to San Luis Obispo to … Continue reading

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phildar arrival

Woohoo, today I got these in the mail: I ordered them from Knit ‘n’ Tyme in Canada. I wanted the Famille book because of one of the zip cardies in there, and I wasn’t going to order the spring 04 … Continue reading

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imagine all the peep-uhl

Just as I was fretting over what to blog about, Pete the UPS guy came and dropped off a little box from Lion Brand. The Great Cheap Yarn Fiesta continues! I present Lion Brand Imagine, a mohair/nylon blend: The color … Continue reading

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the incredible, edible egg

I’m talking about the incredible, edible KINDER SURPRISE EGGS, of course. I accidentally ordered some from Germany, and they arrived today in all their ovoid splendor: These things are addictive. Not only is the chocolate quite tasty, but the surprise … Continue reading

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did someone say caramel?

I feel so much better today that I am practically giddy with delight! Thanks for all your well wishes. I should probably talk about knitting, but today I would rather talk about chocolate, okay? Have any of you noticed the … Continue reading

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