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My tea sweets from Amai Tea & Bake House arrived today! So far I have sampled the earl grey & currant and the matcha. Both really flavorful and delicious! The packaging is very elegant and appealing. They are taking orders … Continue reading

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I’m with dummy

Melissa and I have been working on our duct tape dress forms for the last couple of weekends. I finally finished mine today! It’s not perfect, but I think it will be useful, and it seems to have the correct … Continue reading

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oh no, another project

Back in the day there was a company called Frostline Kits. They sold patterns and kits for outdoor clothing and gear, and they even had stores where you could go and sew up your stuff. My mother was crazy about … Continue reading

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brownie cupcakes

I have always loved cupcakes, even when they weren’t trendy. Today I baked Brownie Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting. I had cut out the recipe from Bon Appetit in 2003 but just got around to making them. The cake part … Continue reading

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and now the weekend is over

It was a truly glorious weekend here in the Pacific Northwest. It was the first weekend this year with 70+ degree weather, and let me tell you, when you live in a rainy and dark place, people FREAK when the … Continue reading

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Saturday I am volunteering at the Wordstock Festival. I don’t know much about it except that it is a big book festival featuring lots of amazing authors (including Steve Almond of Candyfreak fame as well as the one-and-only Dave Eggers … Continue reading

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back-tackers of the rose city, unite!

I did it; I signed up for back-tack III. I never even tried to sign up for the other back-tacks because I was intimidated by all the crafting talent and also because I’m kind of slow on the go. This … Continue reading

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how many days this month can I post about cookies?

I have long been fixated on finding sweet treats and recipes that include black or green tea as ingredients, so I was thrilled when Amai Tea & Bake House decided to offer their tea sweets cookies for sale online. Take … Continue reading

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where in the world is berkeley?

The basenji 500 Some of you have expressed interest in the fate of Berkeley. We had Berkeley for nearly two months, yet he and Deedle continued to have issues. He would incessantly harass her, and she would get ticked off. … Continue reading

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what I did on easter

1. I slept in, WAY in. 2. I thought about running, but I just went for a short run with Peter & Deedle instead (you’ll note that I did not mention Berkeley. That’s because I got home from Australia to … Continue reading

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