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webby goodness

Some of you ask–the super eggplant, what will she do with all the webbing? She will make bags. Yes, indeed, she will make bags. You can’t really tell, but that little doohickey in the corner is a cake. It is … Continue reading

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what a tangled web

In case you haven’t noticed, I tend to get fixated on particular categories and/or items for short spurts of time. I am currently obsessed with webbing and zippers. Check out the great webbing I amassed just recently! I got the … Continue reading

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rice is nice

Last night I had dinner with my friends the Slabs. They used to live around here, but then they up and moved to Portland. Whenever they come down to visit (they have family here), they ask if they can pony … Continue reading

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more green tea fun

I thought I’d make some green tea/matcha cookies to give to the two Japanese high school exchange students who are graciously serving as my conversation teachers. I used the recipe in the Martha Stewart Holiday Cookies magazine from 2001. These … Continue reading

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the glass is half full

You know, one good thing about the postal service taking a holiday off is that you get twice as much mail the next day! One thing the mailman brought was a surprise box of Hauser Chocolates, courtesy of Sarah (I … Continue reading

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ground control to major tom

Deedle has a new spacesuit raincoat! And an action shot: The first raincoat I made her turned out pretty well, but I discovered after using it that making the body out of lycra was not a great idea. It kept … Continue reading

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sunshine yellow

It has been rainy and grey here, but our bathroom is now sunny and cheerful! Yeah, it’s only taken us a couple of years to finally paint the bathroom. The walls were a sea blue color before, but Peter didn’t … Continue reading

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nuttin’ much

I got another package of fabric the other day, one from Rose City Textiles, but I was too embarrassed to tell you. Now I have many things to sew, and it’s kind of stressing me out. Today I had planned … Continue reading

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aprons galore

It was a good mail day today. I got my allergy meds from New Zealand, the Hancock’s of Paducah fabric catalog, and a little surprise from Jennifer! Hmm, what a pretty little packet this is! Click on the photo to … Continue reading

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swim bag central

Sometimes I act impulsively: I had this idea that I was going to make a bunch of swim bags like the one I made for Peter. I suppose now I can. I ordered these fabrics from Seattle Fabrics. And a … Continue reading

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