nuttin’ much

I got another package of fabric the other day, one from Rose City Textiles, but I was too embarrassed to tell you. Now I have many things to sew, and it’s kind of stressing me out. Today I had planned to have a marathon session of cutting out patterns and fabric, but I only cut out one thing! Grrr. Here’s my to-sew list:
– another raincoat for Deedle, this one with a silver exoskin body
– more swim bags
– an exoskin jacket
– more exerskirts
– the munki munki car/trench coat thingy
– dish soap aprons
– tons of other things that I haven’t put on a list yet
Remember my declaration to clothe all the dish soap bottles in the land? Well, I’ve only made ONE since then. I confess that once I’ve made something, I like to move on. I know I should try to fix and perfect things, but I always want to just go on to the next challenge! I must try to stop being so flighty and flitty.

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5 Responses to nuttin’ much

  1. Spacer says:

    Oh my golly! Don’t stress out…This stuff is supposed to be FUN!!!

  2. Deborah says:

    I hear yah Ms Eggplant! I as well suffer from crafting a.d.d. You do actually seem to accomplish many projects that would make your momma proud. I on the other hand, spend more time buying diy books than actually completing any diy projects. 😉

  3. claudia says:

    But I *like* flighty.

  4. gaile says:

    oh I am totally the same way – once I’ve figured out how to make something work, the love is gone. It’s probably why I have so many knitting UFO’s and why once something is knitted, putting it together can be put off indefinitely. Do you do that with cooking too? I can’t say how many times I’ve cooked a recipe and loved it, but never made it again.

  5. carolyn says:

    The Supereggplant, she is so mega talented, it is hard for her to stand still.

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