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happy new year

I wish I had something clever to write for my year-end post, but alas, I do not, so here is a little haiku that I just made up: It is New Year’s Eve Time to welcome the New Year Out … Continue reading

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snappy gingersnaps

Just when I thought I could not eat another cookie (okay, I should rephrase that to “Just when I decided I should not eat another cookie … “), I made another batch! I stumbled upon a food blog that offered … Continue reading

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peter the seamster

Peter did some more sewing today. He completed two large bags for storing our sleeping bags: He says he is ready to take on new projects now! In other sewing, does anyone have a recommendation for a place to order … Continue reading

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boxing day

Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing holiday. Ours was fun, and my butternut squash soup turned out just fine, thanks to your suggestions! I don’t have much else to report except that Peter completed his very first sewing project … Continue reading

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the scone age

It’s Christmas eve, and I just finished baking two batches of scones. I had been eager to try these recipes, since they are for Cheese Board scones. The Cheese Board Collective is a venerable Berkeley bakery and cheese shop located … Continue reading

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super socks

I got my socks! I got my socks! I was lucky enough to be allowed to participate in a little sock swap with some major league sock knitters. Thank goodness for affirmative action (socks are not my forte). As you … Continue reading

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super nuts

If you need some last-minute gifts, why not whip up a batch of spiced nuts? I have the perfect recipe for you. It’s from Cara, a crafty genius from Portland. Cara’s Nuts 1 1/2 cups EACH of three different kinds … Continue reading

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I’m on a roll, people!

I have another finished object! I am feeling drunk with power and self satisfaction! Bwahahahaha! Actually, that’s not really true, but it does feel kind of good to finish things. May I present the Ribby Cardi! I tell ya, that … Continue reading

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run away

Last week I had grand plans of mastering the flatlock feature on the serger so that I could make a snazzy little running top with the wacky fabric I got in Portland at Rose City Textiles. I watched the video … Continue reading

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super holiday card hangy thingy

Peter is actually a pretty crafty guy, but with all the 10th grade English papers he has to grade, he doesn’t have much time to channel his crafty side. Well, it’s winter break now, so let the crafting begin! He … Continue reading

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