boxing day

Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing holiday. Ours was fun, and my butternut squash soup turned out just fine, thanks to your suggestions! I don’t have much else to report except that Peter completed his very first sewing project today and that we just got back from having coffee with Rachael. It’s always delightful to see her, and she brought us a plate of assorted cookies baked by her mother! It doesn’t get much better than that.
I must go knit now, so I will leave you with a photo of my latest candy discovery:


Yup, it’s a green tea-flavored Kit Kat, and it is delicious (you have to like green tea-flavored stuff, though, obviously). It was sent by the friend in Japan who also sent us the Cheese Carls.

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11 Responses to boxing day

  1. Jessica says:

    Oh. My. God.
    You, Madam, find the most awesome candy ever. Any chance that I’ll find those someday at Uwajimaya or do I need to bribe someone going to Japan?

  2. molly says:

    Aren’t those matcha Kit Kats the best? And to think that I have an unlimited supply at my fingertips, MWAHAHAHA!!!

  3. Kai says:

    Green tea kit kats? THAT is awesome

  4. froggy says:

    green tea kit kat, YUM! glad you had a great christmas.

  5. Heather says:

    In MX, when I was 16, I snapped a photo of a Kit Kat cause it looked funny. This blog reminded me of that.

  6. Laural says:

    Green Tea Kit Kat! I know some people in Japan and they haven’t brought me that before. I think I’m going to have to send them on a mission, because I must taste this! I love green tea flavoured anything.

  7. Jennifer in Tokyo says:

    How do you always manage to post things that I am eating at the same time? I was also happy to see green tea Kit Kat at the store the other day, and had to have a taste. I love the winter-time “limited edition” chocolate flavors, like special kinds of dark Melty Kiss, Pocky, etc. If it’s chocolate and it’s a seasonal limited edition, I’ve gotta have it!
    Back to my cheese Carls now…

  8. Sharlene says:

    Oh my gosh, do you think we can all buy a box and have it shipped? Green tea is especial favorite or mine and I’ve got to taste this stuff!

  9. carolyn says:

    remind me how to pronounce Pocky again? and “peter’s first sewing project” – now that’s a teaser if i’ve ever heard one!!!

  10. sara says:

    Who is Molly and where is her unlimited supply of these things? I need one. -Girl with Candy Shrine.

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