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snowy getaway

We had a mini getaway right after Christmas and took off to Baker City in eastern Oregon. Neither of us had ever been east of Umatilla before, so it was new territory. I knew nothing about Baker City, but it … Continue reading

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I recently had a white trash cookie party. It was white trash not in a disgusting yicky sense but in a delicious, cookies-from-bygone-eras sense. We had some real winners, I think. I made these orange dream cookies with white chocolate … Continue reading

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There is something magical about making marshmallows. It just seems so unreal. How do you start out with some sugars and such and end up with MARSHMALLOWS? And other people usually respond in disbelief: “you made MARSHMALLOWS?” The thing is, … Continue reading

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Perfect mug

My friend Chico Hayasaki is an amazing artist (in addition to being an incredible person). Her work appears all over the place, and she is always doing super crafty things. She designed a couple of mugs and plates for &MO … Continue reading

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Sanuki udon

When we were in Japan last month, we visited a friend in Okayama, who drove us across the Seto-Ohashi (aka big-ass bridge) to Kagawa Prefecture, the smallest prefecture in Japan. Kagawa is known for its noodles, namely udon! Supposedly Kagawa … Continue reading

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Matcha parfait

Delicious matcha parfait from Toki in Osaka. The place specializes in matcha treats and is located in some “gourmet” underground restaurant area in the JR Osaka station. I have been dreaming about this place since I first went there several … Continue reading

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