snowy getaway

We had a mini getaway right after Christmas and took off to Baker City in eastern Oregon. Neither of us had ever been east of Umatilla before, so it was new territory. I knew nothing about Baker City, but it turns out to be a historic mining town with cute brick buildings and good coffee.

We stayed at the restored Geiser Grand Hotel, which is supposedly haunted (we did not run into any ghosts). Also interesting is the fact that some Japanese television show (Fuji Television’s “unbelievable”) is apparently smitten with the Geiser Grand. The show already filmed two episodes at the Geiser Grand and is doing a live feed on NY’s Eve. Who would have thought?

We also enjoyed some snowplay at the Anthony Lakes Ski Area. It wasn’t crowded at all, and the snow was like powder. Peter went cross-country skiing, and I tried snowshoeing for the first time.

We had a great time, and I would definitely go back, which is saying a lot, since I don’t generally care for the cold or snow!

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8 Responses to snowy getaway

  1. So glad that you had a wonderful time! Hope you’ll come back and see us soon. And when you do, email me, and I’ll get you a complimentary upgrade. For that matter, if any of your readers are inspired by your blog to come see me, email me and I’ll get you all a comp upgrade as well! We’re here for you 24 hrs/day, toll free 888 GeiserG.

  2. Lydia says:

    What a fun trip that looks like and Anthony Lakes looks like a great little ski area. I’ll have to keep that in mind.

  3. Katie Jo says:

    Glad you had a good trip! Would love to go to Baker City someday soon. My aunt and uncle bought some land, moved there, and now have a small ranch and I haven’t yet been able to visit. Now I want to go even more.

  4. Seanna Lea says:

    How was snow shoeing? I’ve been tempted to pick it up as an alternative to plain boots when walking Victor during the worst snow storms.

  5. looks cold! looks like some good snowboarding or skiing!

  6. Looks really Cold. I also stayed at the Geiser Grand Hotel. I did see a ghost

  7. Lynn says:

    It’s not always cold over this way.

  8. gabrielle says:

    how funny! my husband’s dad’s side of the family is from Baker – you don’t hear about it much. Looks lovely with that dusting of snow 🙂

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