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A weekend

If you are in Portland, OR, you might want to check out the Fair this Sunday. It is going to be a crafting extravaganza: you can shop (more than 30 vendors will be selling their crafts), craft (there will … Continue reading

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calf girdle

Since we moved to Portland, I have been all about knee-high socks. In fact, this winter I think I wore knee-high socks on a daily basis. They are so toasty and comfy! Back in high school (in Portland, too, so … Continue reading

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supernatural brownies

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caffeine: friend or foe?

Hey! Sorry for my long absence. I’ve been busy trying to catch up on orders, and to all of you customers out there waiting for your packages, thanks for being patient! We are working as quickly as we can, and … Continue reading

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I am such a lame blogger

I don’t really have many valid excuses, other than I have been too exhausted form allergies to do anything crafty or worth blogging about. Now, though, I DO have a good excuse–we just posted a superbuzzy update, and y’all are … Continue reading

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I went to Salt Lake City and forgot to take photos

Hey, so Kelly and I are back from the big trade show in Salt Lake City! She remembered to take photos on her final day there, so head on over to her blog if you want to see some. The … Continue reading

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weebles wobble

Aren’t these little matryoshka amigurumi cute? They are from the book Little Tiny Amigurumi, which is available from superbuzzy. Anyway, since I am trying to figure out this whole crochet thing, I thought I’d attempt to make one of these … Continue reading

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misc nonsense

Superbuzzy has been keeping me super busy, so I apologize for being so spotty in my posting. Yesterday I had this goal of getting the boxes of product out of the living room, but then the UPS guy showed up … Continue reading

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