I am such a lame blogger

I don’t really have many valid excuses, other than I have been too exhausted form allergies to do anything crafty or worth blogging about. Now, though, I DO have a good excuse–we just posted a superbuzzy update, and y’all are trying to put me in an early grave. Ha ha. Actually, I am still blown away by the enthusiasm of our customers, but maybe I shouldn’t be, considering my own fanatical delight every time I open a box of fabric.
So I usually have the mail carrier pick up all my packages (and any of you out there who do much mailing should do the same, unless you actually ENJOY standing in line at the post office), but I was concerned about the postal rate increases, so I decided to take some packages to the post office Sunday night.

stack of boxes.JPG
These are boxes from BEFORE the newsletter went out. Some wise customers noticed we were adding some new fabrics here and there before sending out the big announcement and shopped accordingly. Let me tell you, at 10:30pm there aren’t many super normal people at the post office.

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  1. jennifer says:

    Yes, and some of us ordered last week when a few things trickled in (which arrived today- awesome!)…and then proceeded to empty their bank accounts this morning when the newsletter came out and we noticed all the new stuff. We may be putting you in an early grave, but you are putting many of us in the poorhouse!!! So thanks and keep it up!!! 🙂

  2. *karen says:

    No, you are not the only one that gets excited over new fabric and books. I placed an order last week when I noticed a few new books, then ordered some more on Sunday when even more stuff trickled in. Who needs a newsletter when you have superbuzzy stalkers like me? Thanks for loading all those boxes to the post office for us :o)

  3. sally says:

    And some annoying customers placed orders on Friday + Sunday. 😉

  4. ooh look at that…i successefully got my grubby little hands on the new stuff and didnt even try. sorry for ruining your weekend;)
    cant wait for my new fabric – ha!!!

  5. You’re telling me your post office is open at 10:30PM?? I wish the ones in the UK were open late. They’re only open half days on Saturdays too. We’re so backward lol!

  6. Terry says:

    Well, it wasn’t my intent to almost put you in an early grave. Gee, I just happened to notice lotsa!! new things on my third or fourth visit of the day on Sat. (hee-hee is that what stalking is? hee-hee) Oh, thanks for the late run to the post office – I can imagine who’s working then…Rest up, I have a feeling some of us will be back soon. thanks!!

  7. Silvia says:

    What kind of crazy post office you you have up there? The one by my house is closed all the time except for about 5 minutes every other Tuesday! Good thing the pollen dies down after dark and you can nocturnally mail…
    FYI, the Postal Service sent the rate increase paperwork to the catalog I work for VIA UPS! How hilarious…

  8. gaile says:

    holy cow, now that is the picture of success!

  9. Kay says:

    Okay I realize you are busy but please think about this idea:
    Shinzi Katoh TEA Towels.
    I would get into a hair-pulling smackdown for TEA towels.
    xoxo Kay

  10. amisha says:

    yep, ditto to jennifer’s comment 🙂 but if i’m going to the poorhouse, i’d like to do it covered in accessories made from superbuzzy fabric.

  11. h. says:

    I know there are people (ahem..) out there who would come and toil in your warehouse (basement..whatever..) for payment in kind. Lackeys who could be bought off in fabric and notions… Just a thought. 😉

  12. Alison says:

    And then you get the annoying people (aherm) who like to cause invoice havoc 🙂
    But I do send you Tim Tams. That has to count.

  13. kelly says:

    Threepeat offender here. Sigh. I guess I owe you a massage or something! I really just order for the candies, heh. How else can I sample all the marshmallow flavors?
    Oh, one request – stop using the superbuzzy tape to seal up the packages! It tips my husband off 😉

  14. Lori says:

    So sorry about your allergies. Mine are terrible this spring. Something weird in the Portland air this year. Keep up the great work on superbuzzy!

  15. Terry says:

    I got my order yesterday (one of the envelopes peeking at us from the lower left bin) – they are gorgeous. Wonderful colors – just the right hue! And I love the dots (coming back for more too!) as they’re a good size, not too big. I’m happy hanging out at superbuzzy!

  16. Barbara says:

    even my dog has allergies! what a drag!
    that’s a lot of newsletters – cool!!!

  17. Barbara says:

    even my dog has allergies! what a drag!
    that’s a lot of newsletters – cool!!!

  18. Emma says:

    A stack of packages as tall as you! Such a funny pic 😉

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