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matcha sweets

I’ve been meaning to make these Green Tea Sweets ever since the recipe was posted by Amai Bakery owner Kelli Bernard. Well, it only took me a year! I was coaxed into making these by Thuy, who was up visiting … Continue reading

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First, thanks for all the car candy stories! It sounds like that Orbit “mint mojito” gum is a favorite. I’m not supposed to chew gum, really, because of my TMD (temporomandibular disorder), but it couldn’t hurt to taste it, right? … Continue reading

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DWEC=driving while eating candy

Hello. I am still writing for Candy Addict from time to time, and I am currently working on an article about car candy–you know, candy you always have in the car. I polled the other Candy Addict staffers, and, well, … Continue reading

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okay, so I’m kind of a loser

Yeah, so I go to Vancouver, BC, one of the most beautiful cities evah, and the only photos I take are of french fries (or pommes frites, if you prefer). Would it help if I said they were really, really … Continue reading

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later, alligators!

Yo! So I’m headed out of town for a few days. Some friends and I are headed north to run in the Vancouver 1/2 Marathon (that would be in Canada). I haven’t been to Vancouver (or Seattle, for that matter) … Continue reading

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