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out with the old, and in with the new

Well, 2004 is already shaping up to be an interesting year. We just found out today that my insane brother does indeed have Chronic Myelogenous/Myeloid Leukemia. He went in for an introductory meeting with his new doctor last month, and … Continue reading

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bachelorette style

Peter has been out of town for a couple days visiting his brother, so Deedle and I have been fending for ourselves. It’s not very pretty. I am basically a lazy person, and the idea of cooking myself a meal … Continue reading

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My friend Tom and I like to exchange chocolates. Today I found a little package from France on my doorstep. This is what was inside: Some fancy French chocolates! And this is what was inside the fancy little wooden box: … Continue reading

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my kitchen aid can eat yours alive

I put the new Kitchen Aid to the test yesterday. One of the main problems I encountered with my 4.5-quart Ultra Power model was its inability to knead dough efficiently. The flour would not only fly out and all over … Continue reading

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look what santa brought

Santa brought a 6 quart Kitchen Aid mixer. It will complement my other Kitchen Aid mixer very well. The colors even match! And my baking was not a complete disaster. My family is luckily very forgiving. Here’s the Chocolate Roulade … Continue reading

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christmas eve baking

I did a lot of baking this evening for Christmas, and I was not particularly successful. It made me kind of cranky, but since I don’t want to be a complete crank on Christmas Eve, I thought I’d write a … Continue reading

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fabric stash additions

I ordered some fabric recently from ReproDepot Fabric so I can make some napkins for Action Hero Melissa in return for the great scarf she sent me. I can’t show you the fabric because I want there to be an … Continue reading

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duck and cover

There was an earthquake here today. I had just gotten home from the grocery store, and I was putting away groceries and talking to Peter about powder coating when there was a loud noise and shaking. I threw myself in … Continue reading

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knitting on the go

I’d been thinking that it would be nice to have a little purse in which to cart around portable knitting projects. Here’s what I came up with: Oh, and here it is in use! Can you tell that I’m attempting … Continue reading

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peanut buttery goodness

Today I baked Santa’s Surprise Cookies that I learned about at Anh-Minh’s site. If you like peanut butter and Snickers, you must try them. Essentially, they are peanut butter cookies with a Snickers Miniature* inside! The closeup is a bit … Continue reading

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