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candy interlude

I thought I’d throw another candy post in here before listing my christmas shopping guide (I have to tell you about one place right now, though. Remember those cute miniature clay donuts and sushi? Well, Amy has launched Amyville, her … Continue reading

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big blog break

Whoah, I haven’t posted for a long time! I’ve been alternately sick and busy (or busy being sick?). Peter arrived at midnight on Wednesday, Carolyn came Thursday/Thanksgiving late morning, and it’s been all go since then. It was really great … Continue reading

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wool disguised as acrylic

What does this look like to you? Doesn’t it look like nasty acrylic yarn? Well, look closely–it’s 100% virgin wool! And it cost $1.99 per skein! I couldn’t pass it up. I found it at the Mill End Store, yet … Continue reading

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portland craftiness

Today I played with Melissa. We went to Rose City Textiles and picked up some zippers (and oops, some wasabi exoskin fell into my shopping bag!) then headed to a holiday craft bazaar. I met Susan Stars and Cathy, from … Continue reading

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and once again it’s all about candy

Yesterday I found these: Seasonal candies rock my world. Today’s field trip took Mrs. H and me out to the hinterlands where Fabric Depot is located. How I love that place. I restrained myself and only purchased two spools of … Continue reading

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Ohhhhhhh, portland!

I am surprised I can still walk after our Invasion of NW Portland yesterday. Mrs. H arrived at my house just before 10am, and I didn’t get home until 4pm. We covered some ground! I can’t even remember all the … Continue reading

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Today was my first full day in Portland, and I pretty much did nothing. I did manage to go for a run before it started raining, and it’s really great to run under a canopy of trees. Ahhh, the trees! … Continue reading

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pouches head to portland

I have plenty of mini totes, but sometimes you need a little drawstring satchel for those little knitting projects, especially if you’re going to put the satchel within another bag (because who wants a handled mini tote within a handled … Continue reading

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My mother left for Japan today, which means I will soon head up to Portland to, you know, be with my father. SERENITY NOW. Anyway, he and my brother had a discussion and decided they were in agreement that I … Continue reading

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international desk day

Hey, so today is International Desk Day, which means, I think, that we’re supposed to take photos of our desks and post them. IDD is courtesy of Tania, a very talented illustrator who sells cute bird stuff. I mean, just … Continue reading

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