Today was my first full day in Portland, and I pretty much did nothing. I did manage to go for a run before it started raining, and it’s really great to run under a canopy of trees. Ahhh, the trees! Anyway, Mrs. H and I are going to wander around the neighborhood tomorrow, so perhaps I will have something to report. In the meantime, here’s a candy report. Thanks to Mia in Maryland, I “came home” to some Jackpot candy:
It has coconut in it, and I actually do not care for coconut, so I made my crazy brother try it first (it was Mia’s idea, honest!):
jackpot sashi.JPG
It might not look like it, but he liked it.

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3 Responses to jackpot!

  1. John in Portland, OR says:

    Hey there, Mariko!
    How about coming to knit-night at Lint tomorrow (Tuesday) from 6 to 9 pm. I’ll introduce you to some of my knitting buddies!

  2. mimi says:

    dude, your brother seems cute and intelligent…why does he complain about the ladies so much? (i read his blog too.)

  3. mia says:

    Mariko, I am glad that your brother agreed to try and actually liked it. Like I mentioned to you, brothers are good for being tasters 😉

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