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no more blue house

We had all the asbestos siding taken off the house the other day. These guys put on their biohazard suits and their masks and put up tape that said, “DANGER!” on it, and I stayed quarantined inside. It was kind … Continue reading

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oops, I forgot to blog!

Holy crap but I am getting REALLY lousy at this whole blogging thing! I haven’t really been making anything or doing anything except passing out from my allergies. Hopefully this latest arsenal of drugs will do the trick. Carolyn is … Continue reading

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birthday cake

It was my brother‘s birthday on Saturday, so I decided to bake a cake. I’ve been purchasing birthday cakes lately, which is fine, but I actually like baking cakes, you know? So when I saw this great cake recipe on … Continue reading

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stolen baubles

I went to Susan‘s book reading at Powell’s the other evening (this one). There was a great turnout, and even more exciting, Susan was generous and organized enough to bring beads and fixings and supplies for everyone to make their … Continue reading

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I did not make this bag

I should have blogged about this earlier, but my allergies have me so zonked out that I find I am unable to tackle even the most basic of tasks. Anyway, check out this awesome messenger bag that Splatgirl made me! … Continue reading

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bead on it

I have been inspired by Susan’s new beading book, Bead Simple And, since I happened to be breakfasting next door to a bead store yesterday, of couse I popped in and got some chain. Now, my beading skills are pretty … Continue reading

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Megan’s new boyfriend

My friend Megan went to Argentina and picked up a German expat: Super foxy chocolatey!

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