dotsI have been sewing a bit more lately, but I have been too lazy to take photos. That might change. Might. Anyway, I did whip up this dress from the latest Machiko Kayaki book! The book is called, roughly translated, One Pieces are Number One! The ISBN is 978-4-579-11484-9. I ordered mine online from Kinokuniya, and I would provide a link, but the site isn’t working for me right now.

This is dress “c” and I made it with a gauze fabric I got from etsy seller fabricmade. It was pretty straightforward to make, and I think I will get some use out of it on the hot summer days, but it DID come out on the big side, and I made the smallest size. You can see the top of my bra (not in the photo because I strategically shifted the dress), and there is a lot of extra fabric (I kind of bunched it up in the back in the photo). Peter’s initial comment was that it looked like a maternity dress, and then he called it plus size. I think these loose-fitting garments are not particularly flattering on me, but I keep making them. One reason is because I have poor spatial skills and am blissfully unaware that what I am making is tent-size, and the other is because I am generally attracted to these types of garments, and they do look good on some people.

I ordered some seersucker to make another dress out of the book. That one also has a gathered skirt, so it will also most likely end up plus size, but hey, at least it will be comfortable!

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4 Responses to hello?

  1. Jan says:

    I think it’s cute and perfect for a hot day. I’ve been looking for something to throw over my ‘formfitting’ yoga wear to allow me to run an errand or two after class ~ this could be it!

  2. Silvia says:

    I think it’s cute! It’s not a review until Peter has issued a pithy comment. He’s super hilarious! Next time just measure the pattern and compare to your measurements, that way you know if there’s too much ease. Right? What’s with the saw? Is that you or Peter?

  3. yumeko says:

    i like it! but it does look quite large on u
    maybe something for layering up in winter too
    double use

  4. Molly says:

    I’m not sure if it screams “yoga coverup” but I like this dress too! Maybe you need to start posting videos modeling your handiwork so we can get a fuller appreciation of the whole look and better judge Peter’s comments.

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