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tree trunks need warmth, too

So my mother is going to Japan again in November, and she hinted that she would like a pair of legwarmers to wear on the plane (she gets cold easily). I used some yarn left over from the bpt sweater … Continue reading

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sushi time

I made a little bracelet with the sushi beads made by the super crafty Amy! I loved working on the bracelet because the beads are so darn cute! The detail is pretty incredible, too. I hope you all notice that … Continue reading

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Gash pattern info

Hey, so some of you asked about pattern information for Gash. When you buy yarn for a sweater from Artfibers, they offer you a free custom pattern! To your specifications and gauge! I just told them what sort of style … Continue reading

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seaming weekend

I spent most of the weekend finishing up Gash, the little cardie made of Kyoto, the silk/mohair blend I got at ArtFibers in San Francisco. I thought I was seaming pretty quickly, but before I knew it, I had sat … Continue reading

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just desserts


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sushi for the squeamish

The talented Amy, who sent me the little clay miniature donuts a while back, just sent me some more goodies–miniature clay sushi! Check them out: Yeah, I know, they are so tiny you can’t see them, so just trust me … Continue reading

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get your own chocolate, guys

I got a little chocolate surprise from the poncho-stylin’ Maggi the other day: How cute are these Chick Chocolates? There are two bite-size pieces per package, and no, they didn’t last long! Merci, Maggi!

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wedding bells and bellies

I did not turn on my computer once this weekend! Saturday I attended and helped out at a friend’s daughter’s wedding, so I was only home for a couple of hours (I helped in the morning, the ceremony was in … Continue reading

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is it october yet?

I know it is not yet October, but lately I have been all fidgety with thoughts of Halloween. I even had to go to two stores yesterday to see if they had Halloween candy, and today I went to another … Continue reading

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uniforms required

I kind of like the idea of uniforms–no muss, no fuss, no brain activity required. My uniform of choice is of the T-shirt and shorts variety, so you can imagine the problems I encounter when I have to dress nicely. … Continue reading

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