tree trunks need warmth, too

So my mother is going to Japan again in November, and she hinted that she would like a pair of legwarmers to wear on the plane (she gets cold easily). I used some yarn left over from the bpt sweater and used the Leg-O-Chic Legwarmers pattern from Bonne Marie. I made some slight modifications to accommodate for our stunted leg length. They are a bit snug on me because I have monster-sized calves:
Tell your children: giant calves and legwarmers don’t mix! Actually, I thought about elongating the photo so as not to frighten too many of you, but eh, I don’t really know much about photoshop, and Halloween is coming, so a little scare isn’t so bad.
Am I the only person who believes the writers of the new television series Lost must have been inspired by Yann Martel’s Life of Pi?

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  1. monica says:

    I don’t think your calves are huge at all! Mine are so big that I usually can’t wear boots that go up to the knee.
    Do you think the part in Life of Pi where he ends up on the island where he has to sleep up in the trees because of the monster is similar to Lost?

  2. molly says:

    Those legwarmers aren’t so bad! I am making some for my large calves also, but I think I am going to go for the Japanese junior-high scrunched-up-at-the-ankle look. I have a feeling mine aren’t going to be the most flattering either, so I’m prepared to just wear them under long pants this winter. I hope your mom has a good trip!

  3. carolyn says:

    dude. the socks are what is really getting me in that picture. i thought maybe you had hired spiderman for the photo shoot!!! 🙂 love them. love the legwarmers, very prepster color choices. 🙂

  4. Jess says:

    I love those socks!
    the leg warmers look really comfortable- and big calves are great just think how much faster you can go up stairs than thoses with itty bitty calves

  5. Sandee says:

    Your mom’s gonna love them…they look comfy! Love those socks too!

  6. Julie says:

    Now, I missed the first episode so I’m not sure what all is going on, but the episode this week did make me think of Life of Pi. Polar Bear? I’m thinking that there is surely going to be some psychological, mystical or horror (Island of Dr. Moreaua?) twist. Hmmmmm.

  7. siouxsie says:

    i have read your blog for ages, this is the first time i have commented, why, because mariko only you can get away with orange socks and green legwarmers, and your calves are huge, but in a very cute way, just shows how healthy you are!!!

  8. Elaine says:

    I’ll bet my calves would scare yours’. Very nice job on the leg warmers. I’m going to a knitting class on Monday (I hope)!

  9. Silvia says:

    Very cute leg warmers, your mom is going to be the most fabulously warm lady on that jet. Does that mean you’ll be Daddy-sitting again?

  10. Meg says:

    Your calves look great – did you know in the 18th century, when men wore knickers, some of ’em had calf-augmentation surgery? What a concept – especially then! Sepsis almost guaranteed (ugh).

  11. gaile says:

    ooo Mariko those are so cute! I love the colors! And at the risk of outing myself as the geek that i am, those socks somehow remind me of the holodeck.

  12. kathi says:

    i have those calves! my mother is on her way to japan this month…maybe i should knit her a pair. her excuse for not finding yarn on her last trip was that it was too cold to go outside. with legwarmers she will have no excuse! i love lost…did that polar bear look a bit like the wolves from princess mononoke? the show is filmed near my work and we all get really excited when the “stars” shop in our store! dare i ask for a photo and autograph?

  13. Linda says:

    And I thought I ws the only one with those big calves! Must be an Asian thing…I remember when boots were all the rage, and unfortunately, these short squat legs and big calves prevented me from getting any! Eventually,one boot manufacturer saw the need, and placed elastic inserts around the top band. I believe it was Zodiac boots!

  14. melissa says:

    the pink stripes look good with the green! you should convince your mom to wear them on the outsides of her pants.

  15. karen says:

    i can totally relate – i knit some legwarmers and while technically they fit over my leg, i wasn’t exactly achieving the desired slouchy look because of my rather large calves. i have the already remarked-upon boot problem, too. i tried wearing some borrowed boots only to find that one would barely zip up and the other wouldn’t quite make it – so i learned that my calves were not only extra big but also assymetrical.
    i think the legwarmers still look nice on you, though, especially with those kickass socks.

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