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give me cupcakes

I think I have a warped sense of appropriate sweets consumption. I have been craving cupcakes for a couple weeks now but haven’t succumbed (the truth is I’ve been too lazy to go buy some), so I pat myself on … Continue reading

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A dream come true

One of my lifelong dreams came true on Saturday–I won a cake walk. I remember cake walks from school fairs in elementary school. How I longed to win a fluffy, beautiful cake. I think I worked up the nerve to … Continue reading

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This and That

– Beware of cheap printer toner cartridges. I purchased one from a place that will go unnamed, and I swear it destroyed my printer! The funny thing is I believe I have used non-brand name toner cartridges before and had … Continue reading

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FOUND: One frozen yogurt photo

I found the missing frozen yogurt photo! I’m afraid it is not all that impressive, so this is rather anti-climactic, isn’t it? If you like the tart, sharp flavor of plain yogurt, then you would like this frozen yogurt. This … Continue reading

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I was going to talk about frozen yogurt

but some of my photos disappeared from my camera. How does that happen? Anyway, if the photos of frozen yogurt don’t resurface, I guess I’ll just have to make more. On Saturday Peter coerced five of his students to come … Continue reading

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first I had no stove

Now I have no kitchen. I just did the dishes in the bathtub. I’ll try to get a post up tomorrow!

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Rice Ball Central

I am still on a rice ball kick, and I now have a tool that makes life much easier–a rice ball mold! A while back I experimented with the rice balls by brushing on a miso paste and broiling them … Continue reading

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new duds

It’s taken me months, but I finally finished sewing this shirt! Here’s a shot of it in the shade: And a shot in the sun: I used a pattern out of one of my Japanese craft books (Blouse Pants Skirt). … Continue reading

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the great brownie experiment continues

After I made that last batch of brownies I began thinking I should experiment with different kinds of brownie recipes, just to see how different they are. I ran across a recipe for The Best Fudge Brownies Ever on the … Continue reading

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stuffy love

File this away in the “more stuff I’d like to be making” category. I was pretty excited to receive this review copy, since I am familiar with the original, Japanese version of the book. How genius and crazy is this? … Continue reading

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