new duds

It’s taken me months, but I finally finished sewing this shirt! Here’s a shot of it in the shade:

new shirt shade.JPG

And a shot in the sun:
new shirt sun.JPG

I used a pattern out of one of my Japanese craft books (Blouse Pants Skirt). The fabric, of course, is from superbuzzy. The directions and diagrams in this book aren’t as detailed as some other Japanese sewing books, so I had to improvise quite a bit. In the book this top is super long and billowy. I shortened it and made the black flat instead of gathered. It feels pretty blousy and maternity-ish with just the front gathered, so I’m glad I made that alteration! Peter didn’t have too many rude comments about it. He did note that it was a “new look” for me and did say something about it resembling maternity clothing. Don’t worry, folks, these eggs are all dried up, so there’s no need for actual maternity clothes around here.

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22 Responses to new duds

  1. melissa f. says:

    i can’t believe you just said that your eggs are all dried up. i can barely type it.
    cute top, though.

  2. Laura says:

    Cute top – and judging by what’s in the shops, very stylish too! I bought a maternity dress this week – not for the obvious reasons, but because everything is so loose that it looks like a regular dress – and the pattern was cute.

  3. lera says:

    very cute. i don’t think it looks maternity-ish. (usually maternity tops have the gathers under the breasts.)

  4. elizabooth says:

    It looks great. And don’t worry about the percieved maternity-ness — I’ve taken to wearing a bunch of shirts in this style and am often afraid that people will ask when I’m due, but the tops feel a lot more preggy than they look. At least that’s what I tell myself.

  5. sara says:

    Love the shirt. Maternity-ish or not it looks comfy!

  6. allena says:

    I like your new shirt. it doesn’t look maternity-ish.

  7. samm says:

    Not maternityish at all. Very stylish in fact!!! My dil had a summer top on last week that caused me to wonder if I could be expecting another grandbaby, but alas, she said no. :o( A lot of gathered tops are out there right now. And I love the fabric of yours! It looks fresh and cool! Do not accept rude comments!!!:O)

  8. Geek Sewing says:

    It’s unfortunate that this style is commonly linked with maternity wear. But maternity wear in the US nowadays is no longer stuck with one look but has branched out to tight fitting styles–I mean, showing every hill and valley and that belly button. Your shirt is all about security and comfort. “I want to be comfortable,” the latter, “and I don’t care what you think about it,” the former.

  9. megan says:

    Maternity wear is for the teenie boppers. Preggers chicks wear skin tight belly showing everything here in NorCal!You are so Seventeen in that cute shirt!!

  10. chez shoes says:

    Heh – warn me when you’re going to do that! I was drinking coffee while reading this, and the part about the eggs made me laugh, and – you know the rest 🙂
    Basically *everything* this season looks maternity-ish – I think your top looks a lot less so than pretty much everything in the juniors’ department at Target.

  11. earthchick says:

    SO CUTE!! (and not nearly as maternity-ish as one I recently made!) I think it looks great on you.

  12. snippette says:

    It’s lovely!! I think women can still look very stylish and pretty in clothes that leave a little to the imagination… congrats on completing your pretty new top!

  13. melissa says:

    That turned out really cute! Nice work!

  14. Rita says:

    Nobody would think that was a maternity top. It’s TOO cute! Very nice work!

  15. Janel says:

    I love it! The collar is adorable and all in all it looks awesome on you. I always love Peter’s comments but don’t worry! As Sara said, it looks comfy but not maternity-ish.

  16. Amber says:

    It’s cute! But, I also tend to like clothes that look like maternity wear—or so my husband says… 🙂

  17. Evelyn Lum says:

    I absolutely LOVE! it. Just my kind of style and lovely fabric too. Good job!

  18. Sil says:

    Very cute and looks adorable on you. That’s a very hot silhouette right now, so it’s not just for maternity anymore.

  19. gaile says:

    totally cute! and I think it’s hip without being maternity-ish at all.

  20. sharon says:

    I think it’s an adorable blouse, with or without the fresh eggs. 🙂

  21. Alyssa says:

    Where did you find the “Blouse Pants Skirt” book? I just LOVE the shirt pattern. Thanks!

  22. Willow says:

    Wow, I have been looking for examples of tops/dresses with a yoke, and that looks like a yoke to me (no this is not a yolk joke…). Thanks for the example. I don’t think it looks maternityish at all; the style is kinda unique but in a cool way.

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