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here, kitty kitty

There hasn’t been much crafting going on around here as of late, but that doesn’t mean it ain’t happening at all! From the galaxy’s slowest crocheter (that would be me) I present Florence* the amineko (aka crocheted cat): Already being … Continue reading

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I swear I was going to pack today

Really. My goal was to pack all the Fire King today, but I only got as far as bubble wrapping a few plates because Thuy came up from Santa Barbara, and we went kayaking in Morro Bay. It was my … Continue reading

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I guess this means I can start packing.

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for peet’s sake

I totally forgot to blog yesterday! Anyway, I think most coffee drinkers in the Bay Area have a special relationship with Peet’s Coffee. Yes, there are other great little coffee purveyors, including Royal Coffee and Blue Bottle, but when you … Continue reading

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gone to the dogs

Deedle was invited to a birthday party for her pal Zoe. Zoe turned five. I was afraid Deedle was going to growl and attack all the other dogs, but she did very well. There were yummy dog cookies, and Deedle … Continue reading

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Time for a trip to the dump: See how much trash one can accumulate in 6 years? This is just from the shed and garage. And I would also like to unload these Phildar magazines (Tendances printemps 2004 and Tendances … Continue reading

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moving sale

We had our moving sale today, and we were able to unload quite a bit of stuff! It was essentially my first yard sale, and I think I should get a fair to poor grade. You see, I am pretty … Continue reading

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busy week

It’s been kind of a crazy week around here, and I don’t think it’s going to ease up for a while. Here’s what’s been happening: Friday: Peter has a phone interview from our hotel room in Santa Barbara with a … Continue reading

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mother knows best

Peter was just up in Portland, and he brought home some candies from my mother. She works in a little Japanese market there called Anzen. She knows me pretty well!

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friends of supereggplant

I am feeling rather spoiled right now. Check out what a very special friend made me for my burpday (sorry for the blurry photo): It is made entirely of FRENCH KNOTS. I need to find just the right spot for … Continue reading

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