I swear I was going to pack today

Really. My goal was to pack all the Fire King today, but I only got as far as bubble wrapping a few plates because Thuy came up from Santa Barbara, and we went kayaking in Morro Bay. It was my first time kayaking! We rented a tandem from a nice young boy who asked if we were “in school.” I didn’t take my camera, because I didn’t want it to get wet, but fearless Thuy brought hers, and she might have a few photos. But hey, I did get a photo of her with her post-kayak treat:

thuy and cake.JPG
White chocolate mousse cake. Mmmmm. I had a dark chocolate version, and man, was it rich.
Tune in tomorrow for an actual finished object!

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4 Responses to I swear I was going to pack today

  1. carolyn says:

    oooo is it superkay?

  2. Alison says:

    Ok–so this is what happens the first summer in years and years I don’t work. I find people on the internet. People I used to know who now….knit coffee cup sleeves?
    So Mariko–let me know the next time you’re up in Portland and maybe we can get together…I’m heading to Salem tuesday to testify as the star witness in a divorce trial–yes, an actual trial. I’ll let you guess whose.
    So if you read your comments (does anyone read their comments? I don’t have a blog, dunno.) check in with me sometime…
    cheers! Alison

  3. megan says:

    Geez..if I came to visit I think that we’d actually pack something! Kayaking?! Thuy’s a bad influence.

  4. kelly says:

    saw thuy’s picture – looks like a great day for kayaking! Still can’t believe you’re moving, but glad to see you’re making the most of everything while you’re here!

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