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missing in action

Sorry I have been absent, but I was really sick and couldn’t get out of bed for two days. It was highly unpleasant, and I do not recommend it. Anyway, Happy Halloween! This is our first Halloween in our new … Continue reading

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Switching soon to elastic waistband pants

Good and interesting food is much more accessible here in Portland than it was in our little California town, and it is difficult to exercise restraint. The other day I visited my mother at Anzen, the Japanese grocery where she … Continue reading

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no cupcake for me

I finished the cupcake hat, but alas, it is too big! I tried to pawn it off on my friend Wendy, who has a big noggin, but she said she doubted she would have occasion to wear a cupcake cap. … Continue reading

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random stuff

I painted my office over the weekend (it took all weekend), and I did something I would like to warn you all against doing–ya see, I was at the paint store, and they had these little scent pouches at the … Continue reading

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super crafty!

Action Hero Melissa and I went to the book launch party for PDX Super Crafty at the swanky Doug Fir Lounge. There was a nice turnout, and we got there early enough to score one of the 100 goodie bags. … Continue reading

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a whole lotta choxie

My friend Taya recently told me about a new line of chocolates at Target called Choxie. I googled it but could find no information! Argh! Well, today I went to Target and spotted a big display of Choxie chocolates. They … Continue reading

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sofa vs couch vs davenport

I have a favor to ask those of you in the vicinity of a Room&Board furniture store. We’re thinking about ordering one of their couches–the Delancy 72″ (apartment size): Photo stolen from Room&Board web site The thing is, we don’t … Continue reading

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dump cake

I just recently learned about this baking phenomenon known as the dump cake. A couple cans of pie filling, a box of cake mix, a bit of butter, and voila–dump cake. It sounds kind of disgusting, doesn’t it, but it … Continue reading

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and drink your 8 glasses of water per day

Okay, so here’s the Noro sweater in progress. I don’t know if the colors are overly saturated in the photo? It’s #102, I think. It’s reds and oranges and pinks and purples with a wee bit of green and blue … Continue reading

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I keep forgetting to take a picture of my knitting

I’m loving the colors of the Noro Kureyon. We’re getting unpacked very, very slowly, and poor Peter has so much work work to do that he can’t do home work (get it? Home work. HA HA). Urgh. But, we are … Continue reading

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