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break out the fur pants

Well, the short-sleeve shirts are resting comfortably in a drawer, and the long sleeves and fur (i.e., polarfleece) pants are getting some usage. The move went pretty smoothly, and the glitches were few. The first glitch? We reserved a 24′ … Continue reading

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landed but loopy

I only have three minutes to write, since the season premiere of Lost is being re-aired, and I want to see the first few minutes of it. I’ll have to write up a proper post of the move, but is … Continue reading

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portland, we have arrived

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new to me

I made a few discoveries today. First, I went to the new Jamba Juice and tried the Matcha Green Tea Blast. I had heard mixed reviews of it, but I loved it! I think it is even tastier and possesses … Continue reading

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charitable causes

I got a message from my friend Lulu that her son was selling copies of his “fiction” for a buck to raise money to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. How could I resist? I really don’t know anything about … Continue reading

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move on

Somebody please put me out of my misery. We had a bunch of crap in the attic, as you can see. I got the front bedroom and the hall closet packed today. I still have to finish the kitchen, pack … Continue reading

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lucky again

You know, some days I feel like the luckiest gal in the universe. Today was one of them, cuz look what the UPS man brought: A friend just started an organic ice cream company, and dudes, he sent me ice … Continue reading

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extraordinary ordinary

I love small discoveries and finding the hidden treasures among the mundane. I also have quite a sweet tooth. You can imagine, then, how intrigued I was when I read on Taste the World (a foodblog) about how great the … Continue reading

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three amigos

I got some packing done this weekend, but I’m afraid it’s not nearly enough. My goal was to get the kitchen packed, since that is the most time consuming (bubble wrapping the dishes and such. And hello, but who invented … Continue reading

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bbc wales rocks!

I told Marie how much I liked the BBC Radio Wales logo (her partner Andy works there), so she sent me some swag: Woohoo! Score! T-shirt, bag, pencil, keychain, and even a dog collar thingy! There were some other goodies, … Continue reading

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