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I love small discoveries and finding the hidden treasures among the mundane. I also have quite a sweet tooth. You can imagine, then, how intrigued I was when I read on Taste the World (a foodblog) about how great the pink frosted cookies at Ralph’s supermarket are. Supermarket cookies? I’m not a total food snob, but I do have SOME powers of reasoning, and I have found that supermarket pastries are usually pretty lame (and they probably singlehandedly keep the shortening industry in business). Well, next week I am moving to the land-of-no-Ralph’s, so today I remembered to look in the bakery section at Ralph’s for those cookies. There they were!

ralph cookies.JPG
The sisters at Taste the World are spot on. These cookies are “deliciously soft” as advertised, and they are tasty! Super delicious and beautiful! I don’t know how to explain it, but there is something very satisfying about them.
Another highlight of my grocery store outing? The Halloween candy is out!
halloween candy.JPG

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  1. amineko says:

    i will venture to the disneyland that is sb ralph’s tomorrow for some of those cookies for breakfast.

  2. allison says:

    Ooh! I am such a fan of those pink-frosted cookies. I love to eat them with coffee – yum!

  3. Stacie says:

    I have seen those cookies at a super Walmart in upstate New York, and in grocery stores in Vermont. You will probably be able to find them at other stores if you are not sick of them after one box 🙂

  4. molly says:

    I’ve had cookies that look like that but were from a grocery store other than Ralph’s–and they were magically delicious. Maybe you can still find some near your new digs?
    Either way, at least they’ll have Halloween candy wherever you go.

  5. holly says:

    those cookies are EVIL!!!! my family could not stop eating them when i was in high school, and they have soooo many calories per cookie! it took a long time before we could free ourselves from the grip of the pink sugar cookie addiction. now i’m afraid to ever buy any again because i know it will just send me into relapse!

  6. Christine in Los Angeles says:

    There’s no Ralph’s store in…. where ???
    Back in the days when I cooked, I shopped at Ralphs, and lovvved their cheese bread … probably not good for yo (like your pink cookies), but ohhhh so good.
    God bless.

  7. rachel m says:

    i’ve been able to find those cookies in california, ohio and colorado- i bet you’ll have no problem finding them in oregon!

  8. Jess says:

    Oh dear, all the knitting bloggers I am reading today have pictures of evil snacks … and I am on a diet!
    So much Halloween candy! It is becoming something we celebrate here in the UK now as well, but not such a vast array of sweets yet.

  9. Jenn says:

    These dastardly things come close to “best cookie ever” (created in a supermarket!) in our house!

  10. Gina says:

    I’m not a sweet snacker, but those sugar cookies look so charming.

  11. terry says:

    Yep, those cookies are sold at my local supermarket too. I’ve seen some lemon style ones, 4th of July r/w&b color ones and Halloween ones too. Very holiday-ish cookie brand. And I saw the Halloween candy out too. I had my discount coupon all ready for the orange Halloween peeps! but, nooooooo! my Walgreen’s hadn’t put them out yet!! You should be able to find those peeps to try!

  12. Amanda says:

    Those cookies are evil. Evil, I tell you. They are so pleasingly soft and sweet, but after 2 or 3 you start to feel not-so-good. But who can eat just one of something that’s so soft and sweet? As others have noted, the good/bad news is that you might be able to find them in your new home, we have Lofthouse here in the boondocks too.

  13. Nadia says:

    Sweet Merciful Crap! That’s a lot of candy!
    Is it just me, or is six weeks away too early to start offering Hallowe’en candy? I mean, it’s just going to get eaten one piece at a time, making you buy more in October anyway, isn’t it? Sneaky candysellers.

  14. Stephanie says:

    mmmm cookies! those things are most dangerously addictive. one is never enough….

  15. Carrie says:

    Wow, it looks like you were the first to discover the Halloween candy, not a bag out of place. Have you tried the new Key Lime Almond Joys? Mmmmm….

  16. marylu says:

    You will find these cookies in Oregon—I’ve seen them at Safeway and Albertson’s.
    How do they compare to the famous pink frosted cookie from the Rocket Bakery?

  17. Jean says:

    We always get those cookies for the office 🙂 They are so good, and not too sweet!

  18. Cheleed says:

    I have the recipe for those cookies!!!It’s an old family recipe that I’ve been eating my entire life! They are so yummy warm without icing….

  19. Emma says:

    They have those cookies at a store near me, too, and even though they have blue, green, and yellow frosted ones, I think the pinks are somehow the best. I have to agree with Amanda, though: there’s definitely a 2-3 cookie threshold.

  20. Stephanie says:

    ooooh! Right after I gave birth I was *very* addicted to those cookies. I get them at Von’s. Yum.

  21. CJ says:

    Those cookies make me absolutely weak in the knees. My favorites are the blue frosted ones, if only to figure out who ate the last one – you can always tell by the blue tinting on their lips!

  22. Gina says:

    Ohhhh, I love those sugar cookies. Normally, I shun any non-chocolate items, but I intensely crave those heavily frosted cookies and a cold glass of milk at least bi-annually.

  23. suzy says:

    No biscuits like that in Japan… but I just wanted to thank you for your Tote Bag 101 – I made a bag from it last night, and it was so quick and easy. Thanks very much for putting it online.
    Photos of finished product here:

  24. john says:

    I don’t know you anymore.

  25. Marg says:

    I could live on sugar cookies where it an option. I found some in the grocery store here not long ago which had lime zest in them. They were divine! They make me want to get out the cookie sheets and start experimenting.

  26. Becky says:

    Believe it or not—wal-mart has a pretty mean version of these too!!!

  27. shayne says:

    Madeleine and Spencer LOVE those cookies. Scolari’s makes them, too.

  28. Julie says:

    Yup, as Stacie said, they have those at all the Walmarts and Sam’s Clubs I’ve been to in upstate New York (which is… probably 6 or 7). They are MARVELOUS. I also agree with the 2-3 cookie threshold though. Best to get them when other people are coming over. 🙂

  29. AMANDA says:

    Must..not..look…at…CANDY! hehe I have such a sweet tooth also.

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