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wide receiver

Quite a few years ago, I purchased some solar weave fabric (it blocks out UV rays) to make Peter a shirt. The fabric was sitting patiently in my stash, but then Peter started harassing me about it, so I decided … Continue reading

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she floats!

This morning Peter and I went down to the water to test out a free rowboat given to Peter. Peter fixed it up, and she floats! The boat’s name is Japhy (I have no idea what the origin of the … Continue reading

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pizza on the grill

Yo, peeps, still knitting on Gigi, so today I thought I would talk about grilled pizza. I know, I’m sorry, no knitting content (though let me tell you that I did snag that Debbie Bliss wool cotton from the stash … Continue reading

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I finally finished off my kinder egg supply. Here is a sampling of the toys I got: Much to my dismay, I got about half of dozen of that darned coyote leaning against the gas pump. I got a lot … Continue reading

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stash arrival

When I got home today I found this on my back steps: Click on the box to see what’s inside! I stared at it for a while trying to figure out what it was, and then it hit me–it was … Continue reading

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gateau au yaourt

One of my favorite food blogs is chocolate & zucchini. Food blogger Clotilde lives in Paris, and as a result, I’ve learned a lot about French foods and customs. Last week she had a recipe for Gateau au Yaourt, or … Continue reading

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The webbing on a couple of our lawn chairs has deteriorated, so I “fixed” one of them today. I had found a Kwik-Kover replacement at a garage sale and decided that would be much easier than unscrewing and rescrewing a … Continue reading

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When the calves come home

I finished a little skirt today. It has an elastic waistband, because Action Hero Melissa told me that every girl needs an elastic waistband skirt in her closet. I was actually inspired by the Hedster, who whipped up a little … Continue reading

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from chaos to, uh, not so chaotic

Though I am not a completely disorganized person, I am also not a totally organized person. I guess you could call me a half-assed person–kind of lazy, lax on the details, you get the picture. Well, I decided to make … Continue reading

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sleeve purgatory

The ever clever Bonne Marie has discovered a way of minimizing the trials of sleeve hell–knit them first. This is what she has one do for Gigi. Yup, get ’em over with first, and it won’t hurt as much! I … Continue reading

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