sleeve purgatory

The ever clever Bonne Marie has discovered a way of minimizing the trials of sleeve hell–knit them first. This is what she has one do for Gigi. Yup, get ’em over with first, and it won’t hurt as much! I would have finished the 2nd sleeve last night, but I passed out on the sofa while knitting to Law & Order’s season finale. I missed the send off for Lenny Brisco and everything!
gigi sleeves (Small).JPG
Hey, I have an IDEA. What do you all think if I have a gallery of crazy slippers and dishrag scrubbies? If you’re interested, send me photos of your slips and scrubs along with any pertinent or anecdotal info, and I’ll post it in the gallery (please note that I probably won’t have a gallery if there doesn’t seem to be much interest).

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14 Responses to sleeve purgatory

  1. Sharlene says:

    Yeah, I’ve been doing sleeves first myself. I find that when I’m knitting with a new yarn my little idiosyncracies and learning how to work with the yarn don’t show up as much on the sleeves. Did you rework the Gigi numbers for a smaller size or are you just making the smallest? I’m anxious to see what Gigi looks like on a real person as opposed to the manequin.

  2. Em/Michelle says:

    Ooh, great color for Gigi! I like doing sleeves first, myself. Sometimes I use the first sleeve as a swatch.

  3. Holly says:

    Not much of a sendoff for Lenny, I’m afraid. The whole thing was really low-key, with Lenny not even telling his partner he was retiring until halfway through the episode….

  4. maryse says:

    i hear lenny’s going to be on a new version of law and order … because 3 of them just isn’t enough…

  5. Silvia says:

    Yup, Lenny’s retirement was very low key–but after the Friends and Frasier hoohas it was quite refreshing. It’s really only just TV isn’t it.
    I love the color you’ve chosen for Gigi, I’m very interested in that pattern and am going to LA next weekend where the knitting store has tons of the illusive Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.

  6. Silvia says:

    I mean “ELUSIVE” Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece…doh!

  7. heidi says:

    At least they let Lenny have a relatively noble departure instead of some overly schlocky Hollywood-style tragic death. I thought it was nice, so I hope you catch the rerun!

  8. karin says:

    Hi, I like your blog and if I ever make any silly slippers (which I really hope to!) I will definitely email you the results for your gallery or personal enjoyment. Thanks for posting the pattern!

  9. mindy says:

    Beautiful color for Gigi. Personally, I look at summer as the perfect excuse to just stop knitting sleeves. Period.
    BTW, do you know about Erica’s Candy-Along, supplemented by actual candy exchange?

  10. froggy says:

    Great gigi color. I’m with sleeve’s first gang now, too. Great idea.

  11. Julie says:

    Pleeeease do the slipper and scrubbie gallery! I’m a novice knitter and I like to look at new pictures for inspiration. Keep up the good work!

  12. Lizzi says:

    After following the link to those adorable dishrags (I especially like the animals) I’m inspired to use up some of my odd stash bits making up some scrubbies! I’d been meaning to do the bath scrubbie from Knitty (can’t remember its name at the moment, but it uses a yarn I have two balls of my stash) so I will whip some up and send you the pics, if this gets off the ground!

  13. Lisa says:

    Yes, please do the gallery. I love making dishcloths and am always looking for patterns for slippers.

  14. Leigh says:

    Hi Mariko–love that color of blue you’ve chosen!

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