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Craving peanut butter

It might be in bad taste to have a post about peanut butter rice krispie treats, what with the current salmonella contamination of so many peanut-based goodies, but really, you can look at this as a public service announcement. Most … Continue reading

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if at first you don’t succeed

I have been a bit fixated on making my own activewear and knitwear lately. The thing is, I’m not very good at it, and I keep messing things up, but I just won’t give up! One of the reasons may … Continue reading

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the convergence of good things

Check it out! I made some English muffins! It’s kind of like the stars all aligned, and I was MEANT to make these muffins. Now, I may get a little rambly here, so skip ahead if you’d like. The muffin … Continue reading

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the great pen-off

Those of you out there who don’t totally adore Sharpies, raise your hands. Ha! I bet nobody raised their hands! Who doesn’t love a Sharpie? So bold in its fine pointedness, so permanent in its permanence, so vivid and confident … Continue reading

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