the great pen-off

Those of you out there who don’t totally adore Sharpies, raise your hands. Ha! I bet nobody raised their hands! Who doesn’t love a Sharpie? So bold in its fine pointedness, so permanent in its permanence, so vivid and confident in its ink flow. Ahh, Sharpie, how I love ya! Even that sweet little cursive logo is enough to send chills up my spine.
But wait, what is this? Bic Mark-It? Gasp! It appears to be a Sharpie impostor! “Fine point” and “permanent marker,” isn’t thy name SHARPIE? Yes, my friends, Sharpie now faces a competitor! The Bic Mark-It comes in fine point and ultrafine, similar to, hmmm, Sharpie! The Bic pen also comes in many fun colors and has the same intoxicating scent as the Sharpie (I tested this just to be sure). But does it write as well?
Judge for yourself! I think the Bic does bleed a tad bit more than the Sharpie, but I really have no complaints about it. It writes smoothly and has an excellent tip, and the colors are bright and fun. Of course, this does not mean that I am abandoning the Sharpie; rather, it means I get to buy yet more pens! Mwahahahahaaaaa!

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  1. MicheleLB says:

    I do love a good Sharpie. Especially the ones that don’t have caps, and just click like a ballpoint pen. No lost caps!
    Do you like fountain pens, too? I love fine point fountain pens…

  2. beth says:

    Sharpies RULE!

  3. vespabelle says:

    I hope you didn’t give yourself the classic “I was sniffing sharpies and now look like Hitler” ‘stash!
    Are the Bic’s cheaper? Because the cost is the only reason I haven’t bought the super mega pack of every color sharpie.

  4. lisa says:

    have you tried the new sharpie pen??
    doesn’t bleed through paper – but has all the joys of a sharpie! it’s AMAZING.

  5. *karen says:

    Oh my God. A Sharpie that doesn’t bleed through paper? Where can I get one??

  6. sally says:

    You are freaking hilarious! I love thy Sharpie!!
    I’m going to email you soon because I’m heading to Tokyo in a few weeks!!! Cannot wait.

  7. there is a costco about 2 hours from me.
    there is a guy with a website who will shop and ship from costco to anywhere in Japan…(
    I just got an update from him and they have 24 pack sharpies now.!!!!!!! I can’t wait to get myself a pack of sharpies!!!!!! (fine point)
    I LOVE SHARPIES!!!!!!!

  8. loooove Sharpies! Go away Bic! just kidding. sort of. 🙂

  9. Mandy says:

    In the picture, the Bic text looks better. I truly hate to say it; I love me some Sharpie.

  10. molly says:

    I would love to see a picture of all your pens!

  11. Melissa A. says:

    I’ve bought store brand “sharpies” at Staples that work just as well as regular kind. They are probably even made by the same company 😛

  12. Tesia says:

    What do you use the yellow one for though?

  13. Emilee says:

    I LOVE sharpies! I did a mistake and went to Costco one day…and left with a HUGE pack of them…like 36 or something like that. I’m set for life…if I didn’t lose most of them by now. HAHA

  14. sue says:

    wow–a Sharpie that doesn’t bleed though paper–gotta see that.
    How is the cap on the Bic? does it >snap

  15. Kay says:

    Next you’ll be telling me that Royal Gelatin is as good as Jello and Puffs are the new Kleenex.
    Thou shalt have no other Sharpies before Sharpie.

  16. Claire says:

    All hail sharpie!

  17. sil says:

    I always defer to your greater knowledge in the pen arena. What I do wonder is what you are actually using all these pens for? Do you hand write all your work? Label everything in the house? Have thousands of pen pals?

  18. sil says:

    I always defer to your greater knowledge in the pen arena. What I do wonder is what you are actually using all these pens for? Do you hand write all your work? Label everything in the house? Have thousands of pen pals?

  19. carolyn says:

    dude where have you been? that bic thingamajig has been around for ages now, oh miss pen afficionado.
    i think its tip wears out faster than sharpie. it goes from being extra fine to extra flat and/or fat super fast.

  20. mo says:

    I like a sharpie- except for the open capped one that stabbed me in the belly the other day and ruined my favorite t shirt. The best pens though are at Uwajimaya in the bookstore. So many good pens you can’t believe it.

  21. Lydia says:

    Whew! Thank you for this public service. Luckily, I’m a very brand-dedicated person, so I would’ve stayed with Sharpie anyhow. You’re right, I love that logo, too.

  22. christine says:

    just found you via allbuttonedup and posthaste added you to my readinglist. i much like the butt warmer 🙂 a niche!
    thanks for also testing the intoxicating scent of the bic’s, after all, that is one of the diamonds in sharpie’s crown!

  23. Lori says:

    You are so hilarious!!! I do love my Sharpies and own many colors… and the scent is INTOXICATING! I love the look of the Bic Mark-Its too! Gonna have to get me some.

  24. kirsten says:

    i picked up the bic once when sharpies were not to be found (some dumb store apparently) and to me, there’s no comparison. the bic WASHES OUT! seriously. Not cool. And the tip hasn’t stayed as nice, and it has a hard time writing on cd’s. CD’s!
    all hail the sharpie.

  25. Susan says:

    Oh, you! You and your pens! LOL
    But I love Sharpies, too!!

  26. Michele says:

    I will never betray my sharpies!

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