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a butt warmer to welcome 2009

Hiya! Hope everyone’s holidays have been going well. I’ve kind of been on vacation, but I have been home (and wishing I were at a tropical resort), and it seems like I am getting just as little done as always. … Continue reading

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caramel delight

I made this caramel last week or so, planning to give away jars of it for the holidays, but nearly all of the jars are still sitting in my fridge, because I am TRAPPED by the snow! It’s okay, though, … Continue reading

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snowmageddon 2008

We are having a major “weather event” here in the Pacific NW, which has been pretty exciting (it’s probably nothing compared to what the rest of the nation usually experiences, but we Oregonians are an enthusiastic bunch). Right now it … Continue reading

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it’s holiday cookie season

I am a huge fan of the holiday cookie exchange. Some year I’d like to host a citywide cookie exchange. Wouldn’t that be fun? Or not. Anyway, I usually experiment with new recipes for the cookie exchanges. I don’t know … Continue reading

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copycat top

Melissa and I took a patternmaking class at Portland Community College this semester, and one of the assignments was to find a top in a magazine and try to copy it by manipulating the darts on the bodice sloper. I … Continue reading

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didn’t this used to be a mostly knitting blog?

I don’t even want to say how long it took me to knit this dang sweater. I think I started it a year and a half ago or something ridiculous like that. I just lost my knitting mojo for a … Continue reading

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we have a winner

Hey everyone! We have a winner! The winner is Shelley, and she will receive the Ecojot 100% Recycled, Post Consumer Waste Insanely Adorable Notebook Set from the kind and generous folks at! Thanks to everyone for playing, and I … Continue reading

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Contest Time!

I am a total sucker for contests. I always enter contests and sweepstakes and raffles and what have you. Some of my friends may laugh, but hello, you must play to win, and in the past I have won some … Continue reading

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