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house of supereggplant

My insane brother keeps his server and a bunch of other computer stuff in the basement, which seems a bit bleak to me, but oh well, Portland can be kind of bleak and rainy, anyway. He complained that his head … Continue reading

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the incredible shrinking blog

Here I am in the land of gourmet food, and what do I have for dinner? A hot turkey sandwich. It was smothered in turkey gravy, and it was yummy. I had it at Joe’s Cellar, a longtime local institution. … Continue reading

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my life as a tour guide

Life as a tour guide can be a bit tiring. We have been to a number of shopping malls and outlet centers. I think the employees at Coach stores are trained to be on the lookout for Japanese tourists. Each … Continue reading

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swift basenjis

No knitting progress to report. Being a tour guide is tiring. It’s much better to lie prone on my mother’s bed and watch the humongous TV that sits two feet away! Yesterday morning I dragged insane brother out to the … Continue reading

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I’m in Portland!

So I am here. The teeny airport in San Luis Obispo was totally funny. The guy who checked me in was the same guy who then manned the security counter (where they made me take off my shoes and then … Continue reading

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off to the city of roses

Well, I take off Tuesday evening for Portland! I just printed out the travel advisory sheet that says knitting needles ARE allowed in case I get hassled by some overzealous airport security person. I started doing a single crochet on … Continue reading

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block head

Accepting the fact that I am not going to finish the Becky Wannabe sweater before I leave for Portland, I decided to block the body and sew up the seams so that at least one portion will be ready. I’ll … Continue reading

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marinara techno tard

Today I made a big batch of marinara, recipe courtesy of the Hedster. It requires two giant cans of tomatoes. Here’s what it looks like before it starts cooking: And how it looks about 5 hours later: It’s been a … Continue reading

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sticker shock

I was looking through the new Knitty today and happened upon bpt. I thought it was cute, so I did a quick google on the yarn, Schaefer Yarn’s Marjaana, a 50% merino wool/50% silk blend. The first site I visited … Continue reading

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button pusher

Looky what I made! Yup, my very first button! I slapped it together in Paint, and the eggplant was served by Crazy Daisy Kerstin. What do you think? Just found out from Melissa’s blog that a brand new yarn store … Continue reading

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