my life as a tour guide

Life as a tour guide can be a bit tiring. We have been to a number of shopping malls and outlet centers. I think the employees at Coach stores are trained to be on the lookout for Japanese tourists. Each of the three women visiting bought a Coach purse.
Today we went to the Rose Garden in Washington Park. Here’s my mother standing in front of some nice pink ones:
rose garden 002.jpg
We also went to Krispy Kreme.
The other night I missed the end of the season premiere of Without a Trace because my mother and I had to go pick up my insane brother and the one male visitor from Japan. They went to the Ringside, an old-time steakhouse, and drank an $80 bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir. At least I got to drive the convertible for the first time.
I promise there will be more knitting content soon!

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2 Responses to my life as a tour guide

  1. Amy says:

    Did you have the onion rings at Ringside? That’s the only thing I remember about that place.

  2. Hedster says:

    Your mom is so cute! Please tell her I said so!

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