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Egg-ceptional and eggs-traordinary

I try not to buy kitchen gadgets that are mono focused. They just take up a lot of unnecessary space, and really, how often do you use gadgets that can be used for only one thing (okay, the espresso machine … Continue reading

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cookie time

I have been coveting this dunk mug ever since I first learned of it, I dunno, a year ago? It has a slot to hold cookies! How clever is that! They didn’t seem to be available in the United States … Continue reading

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I am confused

Wow. I just spent the day rearranging my home office, migrating to a new computer, and unpacking my new monitor (dudes, I got a 30″ monitor. It’s freaking me out). I also was forced to install Microsoft Office 2007, which … Continue reading

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matcha jackpot

Thank you, Stefana, and yes, I am pacing myself.

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I got to boogie

I made this turtleneck thingy more than a month ago, but I haven’t been able to get a good photo of it (still haven’t, as you can see!). I used some vintage knit interlock, but I didn’t know it was … Continue reading

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don’t stop ’til you get enough

My friend Taya is a complete freak, and I mean that in the best way possible. She has a thing for dishes, you see, and she has this uncanny encyclopedic knowledge of china patterns. She can rattle off designers, dates, … Continue reading

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red velvet cupcakes. again

Man, I just can’t get enough of red velvet cupcakes or cream cheese frosting! The last time I made red velvet cupcakes was for the jar cakes. This time I used a recipe that calls for cake flour instead of … Continue reading

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wee knitting

Recently Major Knitter Jennifer sent me a lovely package full of goodies, including Trader Joe’s dark chocolate caramels (seriously addictive), an eggplant rubber stamp, and these cute cards. The cards are Charity Knit Notes, and each one is crafted by … Continue reading

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super salt

If I had know that my old college classmate and buddy Eric was going to become a celebrated chef and cookbook author, I would have been more stalkerish! Oh well. Yeah, so back in the day, he was just Eric, … Continue reading

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