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they’re coming to take me away

I made another dress from the Machiko Kayaki book! I suspected the dress would be super billowy, and I was right. When I first put it on, it looked like I was an escapee from a medical facility. I chopped … Continue reading

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summer tops

I made a couple of summer tops! These are easy to make and use only a yard of fabric, so it is definitely a win-win situation. The dot fabric was sent by Yoshimi when we did a little swap last … Continue reading

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I have been sewing a bit more lately, but I have been too lazy to take photos. That might change. Might. Anyway, I did whip up this dress from the latest Machiko Kayaki book! The book is called, roughly translated, … Continue reading

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Another day, another raglan! Actually, I haven’t quite perfected the whole raglan t pattern, but I do like raglans. This fabric is another matter. It is Hacci sweater knit that I got from Girl Charlee, which has an outstanding selection … Continue reading

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Ahoy! I keep thinking I’m going to start blogging more regularly, but then I don’t. So, I am not going to make any promises or threats here. Anyway, I finished something! I had been admiring the Little Scallops hat for … Continue reading

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Pardon the cheesy pose, please. Well, summer is over, and we are heading into the colder months! I much prefer summer clothing to winter clothing. I have issues with being cold, and it never seems like there are enough layers … Continue reading

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quick and dirty shift

The weather forecast called for one final hot week, so I whipped up a summer shift one afternoon. I had this seersuckerish fabric in my stash, and I had been thinking it’d be nice to have just a simple shift, … Continue reading

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Oh, it’s not a knit! I’ve been hoarding this Liberty of London fabric for several years. Peter got it for me from the mothership in London, and I stashed it away because I was afraid I would screw it up … Continue reading

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more knits

MORE KNITS, people! I also got this fabric from Girl Charlee. It is supposed to be all cotton, and perhaps it is. It is quite lightweight and super drapey. Now, I generally go for a pretty traditional style of t-shirt, … Continue reading

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raglan redux

I know you all must be terribly excited that I made yet another striped raglan t. I would promise to stop posting them, but then I would be a liar. Anyway, this one is long-sleeved and thus very different from … Continue reading

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