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Well, it has been a dreadfully long time! I have excuses, but they are lame. I am working on getting my act together, but I am not holding my breath. Crater Lake is really stunning, but nobody told me the … Continue reading

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I am a good citizen

Melissa made Deedle this lovely bed for the warehouse. Deedle is testing it out on our couch (please ignore the gross towelket* under the lovely bed). I was really touched that Melissa made this bed, because the gal is not … Continue reading

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In case you think the layout looks like hell

This isn’t Mariko, this is her brother writing. My sister went and changed something. Probably the Superbuzzy image on the side. It took some screwing around to get it to look OK in Safari and Firefox, but things look like … Continue reading

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we went

Should I be embarrassed to admit that the opening of the new Portland IKEA might be one of the highlights of my year? It’s so spacious! So bright! So colorful! Swedish meatballs! Sam was particularly excited about the french fries … Continue reading

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Cotton Time!

This summer has been much cooler than last summer, so it hasn’t been necessary to wear sleeveless tops much. Little cap sleeve deals, though, are just the ticket! So before things went from crazy busy to super crazy busy, I … Continue reading

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busy buzzy

Things have been pretty busy around here. In the midst of our remodeling chaos, superbuzzy moved into a warehouse space! It was getting to the point where we had to drive boxes of fabric around town because we had no … Continue reading

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My mom made me fix the blog but is my sister even paying attention?

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