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crab feed

We went to an all-you-can-eat crab feed the other night at the Industrial Cafe in NW Portland. Not only did they have crab, but they also served oysters, a tangy tomato bisque, and salad. The salad was not just an … Continue reading

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Earl Grey Tea Cake

I love black tea, and I’m always in search of recipes for baked goods containing tea, cuz they’re tea-rrific. Ha ha, couldn’t resist. Sorry. Anyway, I recently received The Greyston Bakery Cookbook: The Greyston Bakery’s claim to fame is it … Continue reading

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Another egg cozy: Yeah, I realize this looks pretty much identical to the first one, but hey, it has a pompom!

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delicious enough brownies

For Christmas I received this great cookbook: Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey. It is chock full of incredible desserts, each of which seems to require 4 sticks of butter! The first recipe I tried was Heart of Darkness Brownies. These decadent … Continue reading

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free shoes

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., Day (actually, not really, but somehow it seems more momentous if I say that), I am hosting a shoe giveaway! Before you get too excited, here’s the deal: I got these Kenneth Cole … Continue reading

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button down

I often get a bee in my bonnet about something or other, and it can change on an hourly basis. The other day I got all crazy about vintage buttons and started digging around ebay in search of some. Well, … Continue reading

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tunic top thingy

I took a long and largely unintentional break from sewing last year, but lately I’ve been sewing little bits here and there, and it feels great! One of the things I just made is a long tunic top. Now, I’ve … Continue reading

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cozy cosy

So I have been on a hard-boiled egg kick for several months now, and just recently Peter embarked on a soft-boiled egg kick. We even had to go out and purchase some egg cups! He requested some egg cozies, and … Continue reading

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I actually sewed a garment, and I was going to blog about it, but none of the photos turned out. I am starting to realize that my photographer’s hands are too huge to handle my cute little orange Casio digital … Continue reading

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nope, not finished baking

I made these cookies several weeks ago for a cookie exchange. They were actually quite tasty and really pretty. I got the recipe from the San Francisco Chronicle. I can no longer locate the recipe on the site, but if … Continue reading

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