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rice balls

Hey, I actually did some sewing over the weekend! It was mostly hemming shirts and pants, though, so I won’t bother sharing the details with y’all. A couple of you asked about how to make rice balls. I found this … Continue reading

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perfect foods

The whole pink cookie thing got me thinking about perfect foods. To me, the pink cookie is pretty close to ideal, but Peter? He won’t even touch one. He is so grossed out by the pink cookie that he will … Continue reading

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the ongoing saga of the pink cookie

Some of you may be aware of my obsession with the pink cookie. The ultimate pink cookie, the one that serves as the prototype, is the pink cookie from the Rocket Bakery in Spokane, Washington. Some similarly obsessed friends have … Continue reading

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you say tomato

I don’t have much time to do much these days, but I was able to squeeze out a little time to crochet a wee tomato amigurumi. I found the pattern on a Japanese store site. The PDF is located here. … Continue reading

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cupcakes make a party

My father’s funeral service went pretty well, and it was kind of fun to see everyone, despite the rather somber circumstance. The outpouring of support has been pretty incredible and quite unexpected, and we are grateful. I inherited my sweet … Continue reading

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I want to thank all of you for your kindness and support. I am really overwhelmed! I had no idea there were so many of you out there, and I really appreciate all your heartfelt comments. My mother, brother, and … Continue reading

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tax day

Well, I have some pretty big news. My father died today. He would have been 91 years old on May 8. It’s rather morbid, but my brother, mother, and I have kind of joked about him dying for years, and … Continue reading

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amigurumi central

I’m feeling a little stressed out about how much I have to do, so then I eat coffee ice cream with chocolate sprinkles to make me feel better, but I think it just makes me MORE jittery and stressed out. … Continue reading

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he ain’t heavy

Dang but it’s crazy busy around here, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down much! But anyway, Thursday is my insane brother’s birthday. He is my older brother (well, only by 16 months), but most people nowadays … Continue reading

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peep peep

I am a crochet numnuts, but I still find it to be kind of fun. Granted, I can only really do a single crochet (have never attempted a double crochet or any of those treble things), but you’d be amazed … Continue reading

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