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the puff daddy revolution has begun

Another Puff Daddy completed! This one is a non-wool version, just for kicks. I dug into my stash and combined ggh Sombrero (100% rayon) and ONline 15 Orlando (39% cotton, 39% acrylic, 22% nylon). Both are tape yarns, I guess. … Continue reading

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Let the revolution begin

Apologies for the Big Face Shot, but I’m betting your eyes are drawn to the delightful Puff Daddy rather than my mug. I have to tell you that I had nothing to do with this awesome scarflet that is going … Continue reading

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again with the japanese pens

I know it’s kind of a disease right now, this obsession with Japanese pens. I can’t really explain it. Today my mother and brother left for Japan*, and I gave my brother a rather detailed list of the pens and … Continue reading

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possible knitting content ahead

Good golly, but I am actually going to talk about YARN and such knitting terms as I-CORD. Can it be? I must say that seeing Kay and Ann proved to be inspirational, and I am back in sleeve hell and … Continue reading

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designated driver

To celebrate a friend’s 40th birthday, a group of us got together and took a cocktail class at mint, a local bar that specializes in delicious and fancy cocktails. The class was taught by bartender extraordinaire and Mint owner Lucy. … Continue reading

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mason-dixon wind

Ann and Kay with Elizabeth, fastest purler in the West and owner of Knit Knot Studio Kay and Ann blew into town for a day, and I was able to monopolize their afternoon! I feel very fortunate, because you know … Continue reading

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George highlights Japan Unmasked

I almost forgot how I was going to post the highlighted passages from Japan Unmasked. The book has that musty, old-book odor, and it’s kind of grossing me out right now. Anyway, the passages my father highlighted are pretty funny. … Continue reading

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more japanese writing implement action

Okay, so I need to talk about pens and pencils again. Bear with me. I needed another mechanical pencil, so of course that forced me to place another order with Jet Pens. The service was super quick as usual! I … Continue reading

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I’ve always loved bean bag chairs. I remember having one that was pink or orange, and it had that sticky vinyl, super plasticky cover that made your legs stick to it. It got a leak, of course, so little staticky … Continue reading

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