Let the revolution begin

puff daddy me_713x768.jpg
Apologies for the Big Face Shot, but I’m betting your eyes are drawn to the delightful Puff Daddy rather than my mug. I have to tell you that I had nothing to do with this awesome scarflet that is going to be the latest rage. I found the thing in my father’s closet, but it was my friend Megan who figured out its purpose, and it was the one-and-only Kay of Mason-Dixon Knitting who created the pattern. She is awesome, plus her daughter is gorgeous. Check it:

So the Puff Daddy is all i-cord, baby. It takes hardly any time to whip one up. Just think of all the Christmas gifts you can get done in ONE day. Think of how much cash you can score at the holiday bazaar. The possibilities are endless! I’m going to make one in cotton, too, as a neck-sweat grabber. And how about a sweet little wristlet mini Puff Daddy? Heck yeah!
puff daddy me and deeds_1024x682.jpg
And look, even pets love them (okay, so Deedle is looking so not amused, but we can pretend). I made mine out of Misti Alpaca Chunky, which is luscious stuff. You can make TWO out of one hank (though you can see I ran out on the second puff and had to improvise).
So, go to it, my fellow knitters! Millions of Puff Daddies circling the necks of loved ones will make the world a better place.
Download the pattern! Puff Daddy PDF file
I’m going to put it on Ravelry when/if I figure out how to do that. And maybe I’ll create a Puff Daddy flickr group? Anyway, here’s one last photo from the innovative and lovely offspring of Kay:

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27 Responses to Let the revolution begin

  1. chez shoes says:

    This may be just the thing to get me back into knitting again. Near instant gratification! Thanks for posting this 🙂

  2. amy in az says:

    LUV IT– the pics of you and Deeds are gorgeous too! I am now a Puff Daddy Revolution supporter– you need a button made so I can post it on my blog! – let me know if I can lend out my photoshop skillz. Thanks dude!

  3. Kay says:


  4. MicheleLB says:

    Hee hee! I love it. It’s so very…retro. Pom poms baby!

  5. Ondie says:


  6. Woolybelle says:

    My five-year-old granddaughter will lose her mind when she sees this!

  7. Maggie says:

    i knew someone would create the pattern. Running to my Misti Alpaca and #15’s as soon as I get home.

  8. Maggie says:

    I knew someone would create the pattern. Running to my Misti Alpaca and #15’s as soon as I get home.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Love it! How fun. Deedle looks delighted with his Puff Daddy.

  10. Susan says:

    I’m spitting up my Cheetos this morning!! Oh my gawd! Your FACE, your FACE!!! LOL–So very cute, M. Adorable, even. You should do this more often.
    Anydogscarf, I LOVE the scarflet and am printing out this pattern *cough* *cough* for my *cough* mother *cough* to make for me *cough*. I want at least two of them. One for me, one for Buffie. (apparantly I don’t knit that well)
    Oh, and the pic at the end? Priceless expression. Was she coerced into putting that on her head?

  11. Heidi says:

    brilliant! thanks for sharing!!

  12. Ann says:

    I think that last photo illustrates how well Puff Daddy could be used as a beehive support structure. Just pile your hair on top of the thing, and you’re done!

  13. Kay says:

    In the shot with Deedle, you’ve got a Gloria Swanson/Garbo thing going–in a good way! Very silent movie. Deedle has sort of a…dog-wearing-accessory thing going. (He and Carrie should talk.)
    xox Kay

  14. mollysusie says:

    I was thinking of something small to knit for everyone’s stockings this year…and this is it! How fabulous!

  15. Seanna Lea says:

    Wow! Our holiday bazaar is at the beginning of December and it is tempting to make up a dozen of these (at least some in soft cottons, because people always harp on me about how much wool I use) as fun little scarf accessories!

  16. gaile says:

    omg that is totally cute, and I love the matching Deedle and You photo. Adorable! I see a few of these in my future as whip-it-up-at-the-last-minute christmas gifts – perfect for me to make when winter break starts two 12 days before christmas! by the way, have I told you I LOVE portland!?

  17. Maggie says:

    I have Puff Daddy started. I have everything but the puff done. I wanted to wait until I bought a pom pom maker. I used Blackberry Ridge Bulky hand dyed in a pretty Turquoise solid. I may add another color to the Pom to make if more colorful. My friend Leslie has a dog named Ifor. He is the cutest Corgi you have every seen. I will have him model it and I will send you the photo so you can post it in your flickr. Check out Blackberry Ridge at http://www.blackberry-ridge.com. This is a small local spining and dyeing operation in Wisconsin where I live.

  18. sam says:

    What a classic Basenji look! Mine are never enthusiastic models either. But the Puff Daddy is so cute maybe they will consent.

  19. Lydia says:

    I don’t know…you and Deedle look quite the pair! Very fun!

  20. carol says:

    thanks for sharing your adventures with the Puff Daddy. very nice and inspiring for gifts. I am going to try to whip up a couple for my daughters asap! then make more for gifts!! (love the pom pom on the head pic…and a priceless expression!)

  21. carol says:

    i love! and i especially love deedle in the puff daddy. lookie that cute little face!

  22. Mary Ellen says:

    If you are a handspinner, consider making the pom pom with fleece instead of yarn. Ultra-yummy!

  23. gal says:

    Thank you for sharing.i love it and going to try one for me.

  24. Rachel says:

    I love that puff, how fun! I’ll be linking to this.

  25. marya says:

    This wonderful scarfy thing made me squeal! I whipped one up tonight with a chunky wool and mohair blend. I’m a rank beginner at knitting, but after figuring out the giant i-cord, this was easy as pie. Everyone will be wearing these…

  26. vanessa says:

    i really like your hair style. 🙂

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