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happy halloween!!!

We’re getting ready for the kiddies to start knocking on the door! I have to keep touching the bags of candy because, well, I just like to touch the bags. Here is what I got this year: Deedle is ready … Continue reading

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I am working on the hem of the Karis poncho from Rowan 36 right now, and I think it is going to take me the REST OF MY LIFE. You knit it perpendicular to the poncho, and it is 48 … Continue reading

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chinese food conundrum

Does anyone else think it’s weird that people in movies and on television shows eat directly out of Chinese food takeout boxes? Do people really do this? I find this behavior baffling for a number of reasons: 1. I am … Continue reading

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apple crisp

A friend gave me some Arkansas Black apples yesterday and told me they were not very good eating apples. Well, if they ain’t good for eatin’, perhaps they’ll be good for bakin’! Pardon the flashy photo, but the flashless photos … Continue reading

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super secret pal!

I have been participating in Secret Pal 2, but my poor secret pal had the punes all summer and was unable to send me anything … until now! Lots and lots of goodies, and each item placed in there with … Continue reading

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what’s in your wallet?

Man I hate those Capital 1 credit card commercials (see title). ANYWAY, for some reason I became fixated on sewing wallets. I made a few and decided that while the idea was not a terrible one, the execution left a … Continue reading

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saturday night’s all right for donuts

I am feeling too lazy to do a proper post, so I will just show a rather sad photo of a necklace I beaded today: The donut charm is the one Amy sent me. I don’t wear a lot of … Continue reading

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ready for 2005

Gaile sent me this incredible calendar: Peter finds my candy fixation to be a tad distressing, but even he likes this calendar, which means it can be displayed in public territory (i.e., the kitchen) and not squirreled away in my … Continue reading

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san francisco fun

It was a whirlwind trip to San Francisco, but it was quite fun. Sunday cancer-killing Megan and I went to IKEA along with every other resident of the Bay Area (seriously, people were SPILLING out of the building). As we … Continue reading

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I left my heart

Okay, so I didn’t leave my heart in San Francisco, but I did have a great time. I am now rather exhausted, though (but probably not as exhausted as some of you crazy Rhinebeckers). Since I still have to unpack … Continue reading

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